What pays? Fame, Money or Self-Satisfaction

We all have a reason for what we do and why we do, whatever we are doing. Alright! That’s a confusing beginning line, isn’t it? I was once in this deep confusion until I decided what makes me happy. Let me explain.


I started writing since the time I could hold a pen in my hands, now please do not ask how about the pencil ages, because I alone have no memory of that! So, as I was telling, I started to write tidbit of jokes to children magazine, essays in school journals and competitions, and my infamous personal diary which could actually be made into one huge blockbuster movie (kidding). Since then I had always written and whatever appreciation I got from people pushed me further to write better.

Am all but human and could not be satisfied with just appreciation of people around. Truth be told that also stops over time because we become famous writers among our friends and families circle and they decide we do not need any more appreciation because we got the whole world over the internet to read our works.

So with appreciation, I decided to make some cash and probably get paid regularly, maybe hold a job and become a great professional writer. Oh! Well, I did begin with a good profession as a technical writer in a software company, which promised good pay and good future.

But it turned out to be a roller coaster ride for me and I realized am not a technical writer and I actually like to write simple things; things which people read to enjoy, have fun, relax, or probably even to learn something (learn something non-technical is what I mean here, maybe a recipe, why not!), So I quit the mega Job which had huge promises of great career. I started to work as a freelance content writer on non-technical topics both as a ghost- writer and for direct publishing. When I worked as a ghost-writer the pay was good, but I never got to see where my works published or were used. When I wrote for websites which gave a name and fame, the pay was unsatisfactory. So I started to do some math here to find my satisfaction as what is it I want. Is it getting well established becoming my name well-known is more important or screw with the name and try making some fast bucks. Honestly, I could not come to a conclusion because both seemed like a need and that might sound greedy. However, I guess when we become famous money might follow eventually, but that road seems like so far-fetched.

Nevertheless, after writing for years, what I realised is neither money nor name gives the satisfaction. It is sheer the thrill of putting your thoughts to the paper with your pen (Er! Typing it on your laptop docs) and let it swim along many readers to be read. It’s satisfaction, when those thoughts in our head, which is so full, is unloaded and can be re-read leisurely. It is satisfaction when the words flow freely in your mind like a song and gives shape to your thoughts. (Not that a little appreciation, will not make me happy, because if I say so, you will know that I am lying). But to write freely and to enjoy it, is itself a gift.

So here I am, not getting any richer or not becoming any famous, still finding the joy of writing my thoughts with beautiful words that give a lot of meaning in our lives.

So, what gives for you to write if you are a writer too? Or if you are in a different profession what is it that keeps motivating you to do what you do? Share your motivational secrets and inspire others too.

Stay motivated!

Happy writing!


12 responses to “What pays? Fame, Money or Self-Satisfaction

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  2. Saru, @what a kind of explanation. . Ya satisfaction is not just name n fame not even money. Where your heart wants dance in happiness is the real satisfaction. .

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  3. Happiness is the key. For me, to be able let your thoughts flow so beautifully and to be able to own it down so clearly, is a gift in itself. Half the world struggles to express this feeling everyday. You seen to make it so simple. Pay- not pay. You are surely gifted.

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    • I kept struggling, not being able to decide what I wanted more and anything I did was unsatisfactory. Finally, I decided to stop chasing things that had no big promises and stopped to do only that which brought me peace of mind. In the end, the only thing we all need is happiness. I believe everyone is gifted in some way, we just have to recognize and use it for our benefits. Thank you for stopping by my article Rashmi.


  4. Yes, If you have income through other activities, writing can give you satisfaction if not money or fame. I keep writing my blog posts, as they help me to create a more permanent place for my thoughts and notes. I am trying to develop a book based primarily on them. I hope many blogger realize what you wrote.

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    • Thank you for your support Professor. As you said it surely provides a medium to store our thoughts. Its like talking to someone. Kindly do keep me in loop with your upcoming book on this subject.


  5. I would love to become a freelance writer, I’ve thought about it for a few months now. I just have no idea how or where to get started. I’m working on it though, I’d love it. Stay motivated!

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    • Wanting to write is the first step and there are various platform. Content writing is one of the major requirement in every business today and there is a greater demand for freelance writers now than before. Although people are moving video based content than a written content, a large part of the audience still depend on the written market. I believe you already own a blog. Keep writing and approach content requirement companies for opportunites. Self blog is the best tool to fine tune our skills. Thank you for stopping by my article. Stay motivated!
      – Saroja vasanth


  6. Saroja, I think I need some tips from you about how to get into content writing! I’m in healthcare by trade, and I’ve kind of come to the conclusion that I’m unlikely to make my living from writing. But I’ll keep doing it as long as I enjoy doing it. If somebody wants to pay me to write, even better! Great post😊!

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    • OMG! Adele, you are putting me in an embarassing position as I for one wanted to ask tips from you to write my own novel and you are doing the vice versa.
      A lot of blog post recruiters outsource content writing to India as the pay is less here compared to US. I try to find offers through Linked In and few groups in Facebook. Ghost writing worked for me well, but I dreaded not knowing where my writing went and who used it. Health care has a lot of demand and many websites owned there in US even had rules that they need native writers. If you are keen in doing content writing you should check out offers around you, but please do not give up on your books because I will be proud to say that I have one of the best seller in my pal list. :-). Thank you for all your encouragement.

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  7. Good one Saroj. You are right in saying the sheer satisfaction of doing something you like is what keeps you going. Great write up. ✌👍

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