Must Have Android Apps on Your SmartPhone


We cannot think of our days running without our lifetime partner (a virtual one), that is our smartphone. Even children today, have a smartphone and can easily deal with a complex technology. Although iOS has the best of things it is still Android phones that rule the market. So, if you have brought a new phone and still checking out which apps you need to download, here is a list of must-have apps that could be useful.

1. Antivirus security app


When you own a smartphone, anti-virus is a must. Using the internet welcomes all kind of viruses that can cause serious damage to your device. I for one, cannot live my day without my phone in hands and I definitely don’t want it to fall ill on me.

2. Google Maps


The Google maps have made it easier to get to our destination. Gone are the days when we had to ask for the address while traveling to a new place and then land in confusions. Instead, we are at that age where our phones or gadgets can guide us the destination perfectly. Now! Isn’t that is handy? Just do not forget to keep your mobile data on.

3. Photo modifying apps


If you are someone like me who is interested in making your casually clicked pictures into a great image, you should have a photo modifying app. There are several of them on my mobile, such as the YouCam Makeup which lets you look great with face makeup when you are shot without, YouCam Perfect and PicsArt Studio are some to name that you must have.

4. Movies and TV streaming app


We all do need entertainment and there are certain apps that let you stream TV shows and movies directly and you can watch them on the go. Netflix is one of my favorite but there are others like Hotstar, popcornFlix, Hulu, etc.

5. Fitness App


Being fit and healthy is the most important thing in life. There are various apps that guide you on being healthy like keeping track of your exercise routine, cardio tracking, meditation with various scenarios, a guide to many food diets etc. Depending on your choice download the app that helps your routine.

6. Music Apps


Although every mobile comes with an inbuilt application of music apps, there are still many other that lets you listen and stream a wide range of choices of music from their albums. If you are a music junkie, check out apps such as Wync Music, Spotify, Shazam, Jango etc. Find what works best for you and enjoy your day while you work.

7. Evernote


Evernote a multifunctional tool is a must-have in everyone’s mobile. It helps in making lists, voice recording, to-do manager, web page clipper, note taker etc. It is an all round helping app that makes it an important app to have.

8. Pocket


Everything is done online these days. People read articles and any other details over the internet on the go. You can save on bookmarks but not much is possible. Pocket, is one such an app that helps you to save web pages to read offline.

Are there any other apps that you think it’s important to have and is useful? Please, do not hesitate to pass the information and let us know about it. Do share your views in comments.

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Life of a Blogger

Writing a post every time and then share it on all my socializing networks and wait for likes and comments; I started to wonder is this how every blogger feels? Or am I the only craziest blogger who feels yuppie! For every like and a comment.

Although I and my friend started this blog more than two years before, we created the website and totally forgot about it. So we came back in 2015 and decided to take the blog forward. Started to write and hence we call ourselves as amateur writers or bloggers.

However, as I said, I started to wonder how do all other bloggers feel, or what challenges do they face in the blogging world?

The first thing I faced is the looks people gave or rather the unresponsive attitude towards blogging. A lot many people think blogging is a fun thing we do in our spare time and it’s like a kid scribbling or rambling some bullshit. Give a paper and a pen and ask them to write something that comes to their mind, most of those who thought blogging is a waste of time will fail miserably to write.

Blogging is not for everyone and not everyone can put their thoughts into words as easily as it looks.

Is there a real talent in a blogger? Oh! We are multi-talented and we wear all the hats and perform various jobs on our blog all alone. Like to know what hats we wear? Check out below.


Researching content

Researching content

As a blogger, we do not write any gibberish because we research our material before we publish our content. Even if it is a personal blog, we do consent with our spouse, kids, and families before putting things about them out there to be read by thousands of people. So that takes a lot of our time. It needs some patience that all cannot show.

Idea bank

Well, when I said am a blogger lot many wanted me to write on so many topics but none had an idea what to write or how to write. We bloggers, generate ideas for a topic that can attract people to read, enjoy and hold on until the end. That makes us worth a praise and our blogs is a good read if someone reads till the end. (I hope you are staying until the end of this article)


Writer's network

Writer’s network

Now, that is something we are proud of and call ourselves as a Writer. That is one hat we wear all the time. As a blogger, we are writers obviously and most understand that it is the only work we do when we own a blog. Of course, writing is the major part of owning a blog, but that is not the only thing. For example, we also play the marketing executive of our blog. Like I said posting our blogs everywhere and waiting for a response just like a telemarketer gives details to people and waits for positive callers in the next few days.


We do not write our blogs in our native languages because we need readers all over the world. So we have special editors for our blog, that is us. Bloggers also have to edit their post before they publish what they have written just so they don’t embarrass themselves later by posting unwanted things. The first draft is always to be read only by the writer himself. (Here is a secret – Most writers do not let you read their first draft because they don’t want you to read their embarrassing mistakes. Sigh!) So bloggers also the editors and what a tough task that is. Phew!

Design and visuals


Having a blog and write some stuff is not all it takes. Bloggers need to design their blogs, put some nice pictures and make their blogs visible and be liked. Learning a tool here and there that helps in posting photos and other visual stuff to make blog posts attractive enough is another hat that most bloggers wear. There isn’t a blogger who doesn’t know how to toy with photos.


This is one hat that I am still trying to fit in because be technically sound about your domain and other stuff is extremely important. Bloggers learn a lot of these technicalities of the blogging world else there is always a chance for the Google Panda or the Penguin to come chasing making us vanish in thin air. Seriously, I never knew Pandas and Penguins are something to be scared off until I became a blogger. They looked so cute.

After wearing these many hats, people think that blogging is just waste of time or it’s like a personal diary? Well, in that case, they should rethink and change their opinions.

We bloggers blog, because we rock!

Thank you for reading till-

-The End

The Festival of Lights is not Fun with Crackers Anymore

Please Say no to Crackers!!

Please Say no to Crackers!!

Diwali is an Indian festival celebrated all over the country with so much joy and pleasure. The festival originated since the time of Lord Rama. It is called as the festival of lights. It is definitely not called as the festival of noise and pollution. When Lord Rama returned from the forests along with his wife goddess Sita and brother Lakshmana after killing the demon Ravana, people of his dynasty celebrated by lighting oil lamps all over the place. But I am sure there was no crackers burnt and every domesticated animal also took part in the rejoice.

The question is why are we burning crackers now to celebrate Diwali? I see more air pollution on these three days of Diwali. The founder of crackers took permission to prepare the smaller explosives in the form of crackers to start a business and they needed a platform to introduce these crackers. Hence the festival of Diwali was linked to the burning of crackers. But in truth, there is no evidence that crackers were the way to celebrate Diwali. After all, it is known as the festival of lights for a reason.

The Nadar brothers introduced the crackers and Sivakasi is the hub of making and preparing the crackers. It also gave rise to many other social issues in the country such as child labor, disabilities that caused by various accidents, occupational deaths etc.

The basis of this article and the above introduction is, what I witnessed this year Diwali with my Bruno (our family Dog) was painful. All these years since childhood like all Indian children I have also grown burning crackers year after year. In fact, we even waited for the festival only for this purpose and we burnt them until exhaustion. But I didn’t know what it did… how much harm it caused.

The first day of Diwali this year just two days back, there was a little sound of crackers. Bruno ran around the house barking at the source of the sound and that’s that. So we all felt the situation was as expected and it’s in control. But the second day and third turned out to be a little extreme noise and that was mainly because the people staying right behind our house were burning the huge atom bombs which makes sounds as if truly there was a drop of a missile on our roof. So many times it scared us, human. How could this little dog understand what was happening? Bruno ran all around the house, being afraid of the sound , trying to find the source or the culprit who has come to harm us, and not able to understand what is wrong, he lied down next to me. But he kept doing this every time there were more cracker sounds. His heart was pounding too fast out of fear, he panted continuously and stayed close to us. All this exhausted him very much and he wanted to just go to sleep. But the burning of crackers did not stop until midnight. It was a total exhaustion for the entire family to see him so distressed.

My daughter, who is fond of crackers decided she will not burn crackers that made loud noises because she felt Bruno at least has us for comfort but what about the others which are on streets? Frankly, I was in awe of her thinking.

We decided to burn a few night crackers that made no sound. But once we started them, it created a hell lot of smoke descending into thick air and made black clouds. This year was an eye opener for us to ban crackers in our home. We made up our minds not to harm our nature by polluting and by harming sweet innocent animals.

My sincere request to everyone to stop crackers or at least take it to a place where you do not cause harm. Make your homes bright full with lights and lamps. Enjoy the festival with social gatherings that gives a good reason to build relationships.

Simple Hacks That Makes Things in Life Easier

I have done more of reading than writing the past month and came across a post that said some kitchen hacks for the working mothers as they got less time. Seriously, I don’t know why, but something put me off with that line, as what does that mean? A stay at home mother has all the time in the world and need no hacks in the kitchen? Oh! How I wish I can run out of the kitchen as soon as possible and make time for various other stuff that keeps waiting for my attention. For the starters, my pet, who sits waiting under the table staring at me with his big Pug eyes wondering, when will I get free for him, that personal shopping list, which I am not sure what corner I have pushed it in because of lack of time, a friend who is no more a friend probably because I canceled too many luncheons because of no time, and the list goes on and on. But what I’ am trying to say is be it a stay at home mother or a working out of the house mother, woman or a man( some blessed men are really helpful in the household chores) equally will be happy to find some useful hacks that can be helpful in making things easier from their regular way of doing. Based on the title I did not read the article further, because it said kitchen hacks for working mother. Well, I am a mom who works endlessly at home, so probably I should find a different post. Then, I came up with this idea as why not make a list of hacks that is for everyone, you see, time is a constraint for every one of us. So here are some useful hacks and ideas that could be handy in our daily life.

(PS – I know, that author did not mean to hurt anyone feelings with his/her title, but hey we all feel differently)

1.Take a Picture of Business Card

Gone are the days when only high tycoons carried their business cards neatly printed with their name, work and home contact details. It’s the time where even I can get a card printed that says Sarojavasath a crazy blogger, and you can call me at *********2. Why not? So there is a possibility that you might meet many new people and they all give you their business or personal card. The best thing to do is take a picture of the card and save it in a folder created specifically for cards. This way it helps to find any contact details of anyone even when the card is lost.

2.Cook Book Holder

I know how interesting it will be, to try out a new dish from a cookbook in a custom and carefully planned kitchen which has all the things in the right place and easy to hold the book. But unfortunately, it’s not the case for most and many times we start wishing if there was a place where you can keep your cookbook in such a manner that makes it easy for you to view it while both your hands are busy preparing the dish. Here is a simple way to make it easier. Take out that pant hanger from your wardrobe and clip both the ends of your book and hang it in a place that makes it easy for you to see while you work the dish. Now, that makes things easier, isn’t it?

3.Charge Your Phone from TV

Going on a vacation? There are loads to pack and when the vacation is along with kids, then it’s assured a number of things that might need planning months before and so many bags to carry on the day of departure and yet most of the time we find ourselves have forgotten the one most needed is our phone charger once we land in the hotel and start searching the bags exactly when the phone breaths its last breath with a beep beep sound. In such a case you do not have to worry if you have a room with a TV. Most TV comes with a USB port and if you have a USB cable you can connect your phone to the TV and charge your mobile.

4.Do something unusual before locking doors or switching off stove

I always do this panicking dance of whether did I put the gas cylinder off when we leave for an outing or a long day trip, which of course causes tension to everyone. To avoid such doubtful feeling on your journey, do something unusual after locking doors or putting the gas off etc which might need remembering. For example jump like a frog entire living room to remember, because things like that stuck out in yours as well as others mind. Make a funny face or act like a Monkey after locking the doors. Well, that will definitely make you remember things and can be fun too.

5.Softening the butter

The much awaited party that you planned since many days has started and your guests are enjoying it and the dinner is about to be served, you realize, that you forgot to keep the butter cubes out of the fridge a little before and now it is as hard as a rock. No worries, you can make it soft without melting them into butter water. Take a glass tumbler and warm it with hot water or placing in the oven for a few seconds and cover the butter cubes with the inverted glass tumbler for few minutes. Within no time the butter will soften up and will be ready to serve.

6.Summarize your day to Sleep well

Before going to bed, take few minutes and make a note in your personal diary about all the things you did that day, and why you did and what or how you could do it better. Make points next to it as how to improve if the task needs improvement. You will be surprised as how well you can sleep after writing down than carrying all the things in your head and going to bed which will make you more restless. It’s like spilling out all the things and sleeping with a clear head.

PS – It also helps in developing good writing skills. 🙂

7.Lock your pants Zip

How annoying or awkward it feels that someone tells you that your pants fly is open and you realize the zipper has gone down again when you pulled it up just a while ago. Here is an easy way to lock the pants zip. Put a small key-chain ring to the zip and hang it to the button of the fastening of the pants once you pull the zip up. Now you do not have to worry about the zip going down unnoticed.

There are many such hacks that we use on daily basis and sharing it with each other is one way to make things easier. You must be using such easy methods just to make some extra time. Share your time-saving hacks in the comments and let the world know some easy methods as well.

A Loving Home to Stay for Your Pets While You are Away

pet guardian

Our pets are our world! I’m sure, most pet owners agree with this because our pets make us love them unconditionally with their pure heart. Over the years there is a significant rise in animal lovers and we find many young couples and youngsters wanting to own a pet.

In my previous post, we talked about why it is very much needed to own a dog. While all is well to bring home a cute puppy with those adorable eyes and wagging tail running around in circles around your legs, until there comes the moment when you have to step out of the door for hours to a place where dogs are not allowed and your pet need to stay back home. The guilt what we feel then is unbearable at times, and if you are someone like me, then you would have shed buckets of tears.

The only worry in having a pet animal with us is when we have to travel and cannot take our pets along, which is so unfair that most of us pet lovers agree in common. Most dogs stay at home without any supervision for a couple of hours, but leaving them alone overnight may not be possible without anyone to attend to them.

Every time when I stepped out of the door to go out my pet Bruno watches me from the little gap in the staircase railings, which have a straight view of the main door. It was heartbreaking for me to watch his sad eyes and leave him behind. I rushed to finish all my works as soon as possible just so I can be home sooner and not make my pet wait for too long. Because of this reason, I even cancelled on many outings and gatherings. Personally, I started missing that social and personal life, but I loved my Bruno more than what I was missing. I had no choice.

Are you leaving me alone?

Are you leaving me alone?

I decided to find a solution for this. Being a blogger, my first attempt was to Google for help. I browsed all over the internet to find someone who could take care of him while we are away. That is when I found this wonderful online community that connects dog owners and pet care providers while we want to travel or when we are away. The website provides information for pet care in most of the major Indian cities.

I checked out a few people over the website and found a wonderful family who loved dogs. Basically, I believe that most hosts in this web site are the one who love dogs and hence the reason they do these services. I booked for an appointment with Mrs.Rashmi Jha as she stayed closer to my place.

After a couple of days, I got a response from her and we planned for a pre-visit. Our pet is seven months old pug and he still got confusions in his trainings. I was really worried as what if the host denies us. We had a tonsillectomy operation scheduled for my daughter in a few days and desperately wanted help. We met our host and she agreed to take care of our Bruno for three days. Trust me, our host Rashmi Jha, treated our pet like he is her own and gave him all the love and care which made him trust people easily as well. I could not thank her enough for making me feel so comfortable while I was busy with my daughter in the hospital. She sent me every detail through photos and videos. Not to mention his love to potty on her cushions and sofas, yet he made his way to sleep beside her with all the hugs and kisses.

It feels awesome to sit here!

It feels awesome to sit here! helped me to meet a wonderful, loving and caring person and an amazing guardian for my pet and now am no more afraid to plan for any travel in the future.

Dear all pet owners, am not assuring you that everyone will be doing a good service here, which I trust based on my experience, but its worth a try to find someone and make our pets as comfortable and loved while we are vacationing too.

On an end note here is a personal message from Rashmi Jha “dear pet parents, we guardians for your pets are true dog lovers and believe in giving them all the love and care they need. You can trust me with your pet for the care he or she needs while you are away. Rest assured, your pet will have a loving home while he or she is away from its own home”.

I thank Waggle for their wonderful service and Rashmi Jha for simply being as wonderful and compassionate in person.

The Dangers Caused By Your Facebook Post


Lately, posting everything that happens in life to Facebook the number one socializing network has become a trend and people are more interested in their posts and the number of likes they get than actually enjoying their moment. I know, it is fun to share your good moment or the sad, but how far one should go and can it cause any trouble?

We already know the answer to the above question as there are plenty of news about how people are getting duped with the information found in the Facebook, yet there are many who still find themselves in a similar situation.

Below are some of the posting on Facebook that can actually land you in trouble by bringing cheaters, burglars, and all kinds of scary people to your doorstep.

1.Details of your travel before even you fly

Recently, a friend posted that he is flying to some place and at that moment he is in the airport with all the details of the place and tagging the airport. Another friend posted that she and her husband are in this big restaurant celebrating marriage anniversary, totally having fun for the night! Now, that is vital information about your whereabouts and if there is any stalker trying to know, you have handed the information which he or she most likely trying to find. Many are not careful to check if their posts are not public which could be viewed by anyone. Especially when you tag the place. Next time when someone searches the net for the place, your facebook post will be shown and thereby easy for strangers to get curious to visit your profile.

Seriously, if it is really that important to post these details why not at least post after you are back to your safe place or after your travel. Let’s say “Had an awesome party last evening for our anniversary” or our “Chicago visit last month”. Avoid giving current information either about you or your family member.

2.Phone Numbers and Address

Personal details such as phone numbers and address are information that gives details of your location. It is easy to search through the internet and know everything about you once they know any one of these details. Facebook has an option where you can lock these details and if anyone wants to know, they are supposed to ask it from you. Better yet, do not provide any details over the internet unless it is really necessary.

3.Posting your kids photos

Every parent likes to share to the world about their kid when there is a proud moment or simply when they like to share the changes in the kids life. But, beware! The world is full of pedophiles. That one friend request you accepted last, who was a friend of a friend, could be a stalker too. We might have dangerous people in our own list even when we make our post friends only. Hence do not post your children pictures very often and every other detail of them. We know you got a cute kid and let him or her enjoy life without the intervention of strangers.

4.Accepting strangers friend request

accepting friend request

Again, it’s a trend to have more people on your friend list. People want to build the number in their friend list, although many of them might be strangers. How many of them are actually friends, no one cares. A person is considered cool when his friend list has more than 2000 friends. Frankly, when you need help and ask, not one will be ready to come forward, or it might be only a handful of people. Accepting a friend request from a stranger can be very dangerous as he or she might belong to any dangerous exploiting groups who can bring harm to you. Being in your friend list gives him or her access to all your posts and information. Having a handful of well-known friends and family members in your list is enough than having thousands of strangers.

5. Information through games, scams and other third parties stuff


Facebook has a lot of scams that can pass malware through its advertisement and can corrupt your system. Likely scammers get hold of your personal details like password and send messages in your place and get details from others of your friend list. When you log into the games and quizzes and other pages on Facebook, you will be giving permission for a third party to use your profile information which can be dangerous if found in the hands of scammers.

It is not only Facebook, but any socializing network can be dangerous if you share too much information because one cannot be too careful at all times and we never know how our information can be stolen from our own hands. Keep the internet socializing light and do not give out personal details.

Our Life, Our Environment

A little girl wrote a letter to the Sun.

Dear Sun,

It is very hot on Earth. Could you please reduce the heat here?


With love,

Your friend.


To this the Sun replied


Dear friend,

I have been giving out the same heat for a long time. Please make sure you do not cut trees on Earth. Plant more trees if you want shade and want to be cool. I am helpless my dear friend.


With Love,



It is summer here in Hyderabad. Each summer we get to read the news that we have reached the maximum temperature not recorded in the history of this place in many years. This is the same story each year. Today morning I read in the newspaper that some 3100 trees will be cut to make way for a road in the heart of the city. We hardly have any greenery inside the city and the only one that was existing will now be reduced to dust. It feels disgusting to read such articles in newspapers. If this keeps going on we shall in near future see trees and plant in museums. Why don’t we learn from the mistakes we do? Why do we repeat the same mistakes that we had committed earlier? When will there be learning about the environment? Already many countries have realized the importance of saving the environment. Many have started to use the available renewable energy. We too have to start looking at this perspective.

Whenever it is summer we are constantly feared that we may not get water. Each year we read news about the level of the ground water reduced.  Nothing much is being done to save water. Rivers are drying, lakes are dying. Imagine the plight of animals living out in this scorching sun. I sometimes wonder why people are so selfish.  They are always thinking about themselves and not others. It is everybody’s duty to save the environment so that little girls and boys of today will have a good future to live on this earth.