Bloggers Recognition Award

Blogger Recognition Award is in the air among the bloggers and I have been reading people being selected and they take part by making yet another wonderful post. I have enjoyed reading every one of them from people I am in circles until I see a comment from Mike that he thought am worth for his list of selection. I am truly honored as it’s been just a couple of months I came along into blogging here in WordPress and I have got such a wonderful opportunity to express my thoughts and things what I always wanted to write about.

Being nominated, it’s a privilege to thank Mike in a true way, because he is the first person who encouraged our blog posts when I and my friend took the baby steps of writing here on our blog. Mike Senczyszak’s blog Solsbury Hill has been a journey into knowing him even better as he writes with a wonderful humor as well as feelings that are touched. His patriotism, his wit, and a clear observation of the mundane day to day facts are some key points in his every post and I like every one of them, simply because each one is better than the other. Like they say, pictures talks faster, his new venture with photography and its catchy tag lines speaks for yet an interesting read. You will know when you visit his blog.


How did I get into blogging?

Just like Mike, I did a post on the same topic, as how I got into blogging and writing of course not as wonderful as him, but I ‘am learning. Hence, I will not bore you again with yet another write-up of the same and you can check out that blog post here.

Advice for new writers

All I can say is, I am at the receiving end here, as I am also new into the blogging world. But if you allow me to share some things which I learned along the way, here it is:

  1. Keep writing and do not stop just because there is no one to show an interest in what you have written. When you write that many, you will definitely tune up yourself and people will start recognizing you.
  2. Sometimes, it is important to make your blog post available to be read by the right audience. Each person likes different things and if you do not market your writings properly, it is more likely to be ignored.
  3. Every writer needs to be a good reader first. Develop a habit of reading a lot and lot of it. Appreciate other fellow writers for their hard work. Learn from various people and their works, because learning is a process that never stops.
  4. Is that enough already. I can go on, but let’s keep it for the next time.

My nominations

I have not forgotten the rule, but as I just started blogging I have only a few set of bloggers in mind to nominate and I regret Mike or whoever started this chain of recognition award for breaking the rules. Nominees, kindly you need to select 15 authors/bloggers if at all you accept my nomination, but then again it’s completely optional. Enjoy the world of blogging.


Here are my nominees,


Thank you, for visiting our blog and reading the posts.


4 responses to “Bloggers Recognition Award

  1. Thank you for the nomination. I’d be happy to participate. I’m not sure how this works though 🙂 So basically this is like a chain and I need to select 15 bloggers posts who I like and contact them and put that as a post to my blog like this one and so on ?

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