DIY ethnic ear ring tutorial – Quilling technique

In my post, Creativity Has no Boundaries, I promised you about the upload of the procedure for quilling technique. It was pending for a long time. Here it is in a step by step process.


  1. Quilling paper strips.


2. A pair of scissors (see pic 1)

3. Quilling needle


4. Glue( see pic 1)

5. A pair of pliers


6. Hooks and round pins.


7. Kundan stones for decoration.



  1. Paste around 6 strips of paper by alternating colors. If you choose red and orange strips, paste one orange after the red strip as shown in the picture.


2. Using a quilling needle, start rolling the strips by placing them in between the needle. Once the quilling is done, paste the edges using the glue.




  1. Now push the quilled strips to make domes, as shown in the picture.


  1. Glue the inner side of the dome. In this way, the dome will not separate and stays tight.


  1. Insert a head pin with a bead at the end, to keep it secure from the bottom of the dome, coming up as shown in the picture.


6. On the upper side of the pin, place some more color beads.


7. Cut the remaining piece of the pin, and bend it using a plier.


8. Place the hooks on top of the loop of the pin and close the loop.


  1. Paste stone kundans at the edges of the dome. Now the Jhumkas are ready. To give a shine and make it waterproof, we can use glue spread on top of the jhumkas.


I hope you will be trying these jhumkas soon and let me know how did it come out. Of course, you can always get in touch with me to know more about the art through the comments or by e-mail. The best part of these is we can make it any colour that suits our dresses and in no time.

Enjoy Quilling!!


That Moment When Life Freezes But we move on


Besides our everyday mundane life, there are such incidents that become an unforgettable event or a memory. I decided to share with you all one such tragic yet a tell-able true life story of a dear friend, who wants it to be told to the entire world. Maybe putting it out there as story to be told or read by others might give her some peace because, sometimes to find calm all we need to do is talk it out. On my friend request, I choose to keep her name anonymous. Please read the below story and share your thoughts.

The phone rings, Shalom picks the call and says “Hello”, a sweet voice on the other end says, “Hello sweetheart”. Shalom is surprised, this was totally unexpected from a stranger to be called as a sweetheart, with a smile on her face, she asks, “Who is this?” the voice says, “It’s me Victor”. “Victor? Who Victor? I don’t know any Victor”. Shalom knew it was a prank call. Somehow she was attracted to this voice on the other end. She wanted to know this person that instance. She prolonged the conversation. “Why are you calling me? Who are you? Please tell me?” Victor could sense the eagerness in her voice. He was happy that she did not disconnect but continued to speak. He said, “I got your number from one of my friend, I was attracted to you the first time I saw you in her place. I wanted to talk to you”. Shalom could not recollect who “friend” is he referring to. She paused for a while. The voice on the other end disrupted her thoughts. “Hello”, “are you there?” She said, “Yes”. “I don’t remember which friend are you talking about?” Soon Victor said, “I will call you some other time and explain I have some important work now”. He disconnects the call.

That call she received the other day, brought about lot of emotions in Shalom. She was so fascinated talking to a stranger, she could not explain her feelings. This was natural feeling for a girl of her age, just out of college and ready to mingle. She waited for the next call. It was after a week that she received the next call. This time, she spoke to him as if she knew him for a long time. The conversation was everything she wanted to know about him. It was as if she was interviewing him. Victor and Shalom became good friends. The phone calls became regular. Shalom would forget the world when she is speaking to Victor.

They became good friends; Both stayed in different cities and had not met even for once. No photographs were exchanged as well. Both had a lot in common and fell in love soon. They decided to meet each other. Victor promised Shalom that he would come to her city to meet her. Shalom had informed her parents about Victor and they too were eager to meet him. Shalom and Victor wanted to meet, get their families introduced and eventually settle in life by getting married. Life was beautiful for both of them.

The day arrived, when Victor was expected to visit Shalom’s place. Shalom received a call from Victor, he said that he had an urgent meeting in his office and that he could not come to her place. Shalom was sad. She was so eager to see him for the first time. She was disappointed; she did not want Victor to hear her disappointment and so she pretended that she was fine. She readily smiled and said, ‘some other day, work is important.’ Deep inside her mind, she was unhappy. All sorts of thoughts crossed her mind. She began to think, if Victor is no longer interested in her. The thoughts were frightening. She could not do much. Her parents cheered her and said, things will be fine, and he will come when he is free.

Victor called Shalom after two days and said; that he had to leave to New Zealand on a project and that he would come back only after 6 months. He was very sad that he could not meet her. He also informed her that he would be in touch with her while he stayed away.

This news shattered Shalom. She was a very emotional girl and for her this was her first love. Though she had not seen the person, she was deeply in love with him. Days passed, Shalom and Victor were on phone with each other almost every day. Despite the time difference, Victor was in touch with her. Victor was not able to adjust to the extreme climate in New Zealand. He fell ill very often. This worried Shalom. One day it was informed to Shalom, that Victor was hospitalized. She was not able to contact Victor for a week. Shalom was worried, she could not contact him and could not find out how his health was. After a week, she got a call from Victor. He said he was sorry as he was unable to contact her and that he was not given his phone. He did not tell her anything beyond this. He said, he was fine. The truth was, he was seriously ill and that doctors had given up hope on his life. He was almost in his death bed.

Shalom thought that he would be fine and would return to visit her. She was eager to see him even more now. She was helpless, staying far away and not knowing about his health, made Shalom depressed. Finally, one day, she received a message on her phone that Victor was dead and the following day was his cremation in a local cemetery. This news shattered Shalom. She cried uncontrollably. Her parents also could not do much to console her. She was in a state of shock and could not come out of it for a long time. She frantically called Victor’s number hoping to hear from someone to say that the news is false. Everything she did was futile. She was not able to confirm the news at all. That was the last ever messages she received from Victor’s number.

Till date, Shalom believes that Victor must be alive somewhere and that he was fine. In spite of her being informed about him, she refuses to believe that news is true. Victor remained Shalom’s first love and she cherishes every moment she spent speaking to him. Though she had never seen him in her life, she had an image of him in her mind.

No one can forget our first love and all the memories attached with it. If we are lucky we live with that love for ever. But, for girls like Shalom, only memories are alive and not the first love.

Love and relationships is very sensitive. Every little thing carries lot of importance. We may know many people who keep some things with them which have a memory attached to it. The gifts they receive, the chocolates given to them from their close friends, the wrapper of that chocolate paper will become a memorabilia. I personally have a bag full of such memories from my childhood till college. The photos, the albums, the memories all these will be such a treasure for life. Sometimes, whenever I am lonely, I check this stuff which I have kept with me. It takes me into a journey back in time. If you too have a story to share or a memory please share it with us.


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A Loving Home to Stay for Your Pets While You are Away

pet guardian

Our pets are our world! I’m sure, most pet owners agree with this because our pets make us love them unconditionally with their pure heart. Over the years there is a significant rise in animal lovers and we find many young couples and youngsters wanting to own a pet.

In my previous post, we talked about why it is very much needed to own a dog. While all is well to bring home a cute puppy with those adorable eyes and wagging tail running around in circles around your legs, until there comes the moment when you have to step out of the door for hours to a place where dogs are not allowed and your pet need to stay back home. The guilt what we feel then is unbearable at times, and if you are someone like me, then you would have shed buckets of tears.

The only worry in having a pet animal with us is when we have to travel and cannot take our pets along, which is so unfair that most of us pet lovers agree in common. Most dogs stay at home without any supervision for a couple of hours, but leaving them alone overnight may not be possible without anyone to attend to them.

Every time when I stepped out of the door to go out my pet Bruno watches me from the little gap in the staircase railings, which have a straight view of the main door. It was heartbreaking for me to watch his sad eyes and leave him behind. I rushed to finish all my works as soon as possible just so I can be home sooner and not make my pet wait for too long. Because of this reason, I even cancelled on many outings and gatherings. Personally, I started missing that social and personal life, but I loved my Bruno more than what I was missing. I had no choice.

Are you leaving me alone?

Are you leaving me alone?

I decided to find a solution for this. Being a blogger, my first attempt was to Google for help. I browsed all over the internet to find someone who could take care of him while we are away. That is when I found this wonderful online community that connects dog owners and pet care providers while we want to travel or when we are away. The website provides information for pet care in most of the major Indian cities.

I checked out a few people over the website and found a wonderful family who loved dogs. Basically, I believe that most hosts in this web site are the one who love dogs and hence the reason they do these services. I booked for an appointment with Mrs.Rashmi Jha as she stayed closer to my place.

After a couple of days, I got a response from her and we planned for a pre-visit. Our pet is seven months old pug and he still got confusions in his trainings. I was really worried as what if the host denies us. We had a tonsillectomy operation scheduled for my daughter in a few days and desperately wanted help. We met our host and she agreed to take care of our Bruno for three days. Trust me, our host Rashmi Jha, treated our pet like he is her own and gave him all the love and care which made him trust people easily as well. I could not thank her enough for making me feel so comfortable while I was busy with my daughter in the hospital. She sent me every detail through photos and videos. Not to mention his love to potty on her cushions and sofas, yet he made his way to sleep beside her with all the hugs and kisses.

It feels awesome to sit here!

It feels awesome to sit here! helped me to meet a wonderful, loving and caring person and an amazing guardian for my pet and now am no more afraid to plan for any travel in the future.

Dear all pet owners, am not assuring you that everyone will be doing a good service here, which I trust based on my experience, but its worth a try to find someone and make our pets as comfortable and loved while we are vacationing too.

On an end note here is a personal message from Rashmi Jha “dear pet parents, we guardians for your pets are true dog lovers and believe in giving them all the love and care they need. You can trust me with your pet for the care he or she needs while you are away. Rest assured, your pet will have a loving home while he or she is away from its own home”.

I thank Waggle for their wonderful service and Rashmi Jha for simply being as wonderful and compassionate in person.

The Dangers Caused By Your Facebook Post


Lately, posting everything that happens in life to Facebook the number one socializing network has become a trend and people are more interested in their posts and the number of likes they get than actually enjoying their moment. I know, it is fun to share your good moment or the sad, but how far one should go and can it cause any trouble?

We already know the answer to the above question as there are plenty of news about how people are getting duped with the information found in the Facebook, yet there are many who still find themselves in a similar situation.

Below are some of the posting on Facebook that can actually land you in trouble by bringing cheaters, burglars, and all kinds of scary people to your doorstep.

1.Details of your travel before even you fly

Recently, a friend posted that he is flying to some place and at that moment he is in the airport with all the details of the place and tagging the airport. Another friend posted that she and her husband are in this big restaurant celebrating marriage anniversary, totally having fun for the night! Now, that is vital information about your whereabouts and if there is any stalker trying to know, you have handed the information which he or she most likely trying to find. Many are not careful to check if their posts are not public which could be viewed by anyone. Especially when you tag the place. Next time when someone searches the net for the place, your facebook post will be shown and thereby easy for strangers to get curious to visit your profile.

Seriously, if it is really that important to post these details why not at least post after you are back to your safe place or after your travel. Let’s say “Had an awesome party last evening for our anniversary” or our “Chicago visit last month”. Avoid giving current information either about you or your family member.

2.Phone Numbers and Address

Personal details such as phone numbers and address are information that gives details of your location. It is easy to search through the internet and know everything about you once they know any one of these details. Facebook has an option where you can lock these details and if anyone wants to know, they are supposed to ask it from you. Better yet, do not provide any details over the internet unless it is really necessary.

3.Posting your kids photos

Every parent likes to share to the world about their kid when there is a proud moment or simply when they like to share the changes in the kids life. But, beware! The world is full of pedophiles. That one friend request you accepted last, who was a friend of a friend, could be a stalker too. We might have dangerous people in our own list even when we make our post friends only. Hence do not post your children pictures very often and every other detail of them. We know you got a cute kid and let him or her enjoy life without the intervention of strangers.

4.Accepting strangers friend request

accepting friend request

Again, it’s a trend to have more people on your friend list. People want to build the number in their friend list, although many of them might be strangers. How many of them are actually friends, no one cares. A person is considered cool when his friend list has more than 2000 friends. Frankly, when you need help and ask, not one will be ready to come forward, or it might be only a handful of people. Accepting a friend request from a stranger can be very dangerous as he or she might belong to any dangerous exploiting groups who can bring harm to you. Being in your friend list gives him or her access to all your posts and information. Having a handful of well-known friends and family members in your list is enough than having thousands of strangers.

5. Information through games, scams and other third parties stuff


Facebook has a lot of scams that can pass malware through its advertisement and can corrupt your system. Likely scammers get hold of your personal details like password and send messages in your place and get details from others of your friend list. When you log into the games and quizzes and other pages on Facebook, you will be giving permission for a third party to use your profile information which can be dangerous if found in the hands of scammers.

It is not only Facebook, but any socializing network can be dangerous if you share too much information because one cannot be too careful at all times and we never know how our information can be stolen from our own hands. Keep the internet socializing light and do not give out personal details.