An Open Letter From a Dog to Humans


Dear People,

Since thousands of years ago you have been telling us that we dogs are your best friends. But you truly don’t try to build that bond between us. There are so many such instances that you fail to understand us due to which we get punished by you, mistreated and sometimes even give us away. Please do not laugh at us because we too have feelings just like you. Wondering what it is you do not understand? Here are a few things.

  1. When you bought/adopted me, I did not ask anyone that I need you as my master instead you choose me. When you gave me that trust and hope, why you do not keep it that way. Why do you have to behave in such unloving and without any care by handing me over to your cleaners and other helpers?

  2. I am not as good in communication as you are, so do give some time for me to understand the things you have learned over many years. Don’t you think it’s bit unfair that we should learn everything at once?

  3. We never forget anything in our lives like how you treat us, the love you show etc.

  4. Things that you think good may not be good for me and vice versa.

  5. Yes! Food, water, and shelter are the basic things that we also need for our survival. But it’s not only these things that we need. We want you to spend time with us, have fun, your love and attention makes us happier. How hard it is just to sit and throw the ball. After all, we are the one who would be running to get the ball you throw.

  6. Just like you, we do not wish to be locked outside in the balcony without any shield for the climatic conditions. We find it difficult to handle extreme heat or cold.

  7. The only way we know to show our love and affection is by licking you. Definitely, we know that you would not want us to put our paws all over your clothes and make you dirty. Hence we lick because you can simply wipe it off later.

  8. If you think we are lazy, then that exactly a picture of yourself. What you teach us is what we learn. We have learned to be lazy by you and so blame you for the laziness we might show.

  9. Every time you go out, leaving me alone at home I spend my time worried and waiting for your comeback. Why don’t you show at least 50% of that kind of treatment? I feel so comfortable when you are around me.

  10. Even if I am a small breed we have bigger brain and heart.

  11. Before you bring another dog into your house, make sure you give me plenty of time to get adjusted. Do not expect me to be friendly and all approachable.

  12. When I am strong and ferocious you fear me and keep me outside. Yet you dislike some of us who might be big and huge in size but as weak and silent as we may still be in our puppy stage of our little lifetime.

  13. We do not watch TV, don’t read books, do not sit and do politics, or even go for shopping. What else do you expect from us than just lie around and doze off? Well, making us playful and active depends on you.

  14. Remember always that I have teeth that can cause serious damage to you if I fight back and when you try to hit me. I chose not to because I respect you and adore you completely.

  15. I may not remain a puppy forever. Just like you I grow old, and being old diseases are common to us as well. Take care of me if I fall ill same way as you care for your other human that you call as a family.

  16. Do not choose me to leave back when you have to shift to a different place. There is a various way to transport me too. I have stayed loyal to you since the time I was born, and that is least thing I expect from you as not to abandon me.

    You might think whatever I am asking of you is foolish, my dear human. But if you want us to be happy, protective and an active dog, you have to show us how to be one. I hope you do not mind all the things I said now and try to make changes.


The Festival of Lights is not Fun with Crackers Anymore

Please Say no to Crackers!!

Please Say no to Crackers!!

Diwali is an Indian festival celebrated all over the country with so much joy and pleasure. The festival originated since the time of Lord Rama. It is called as the festival of lights. It is definitely not called as the festival of noise and pollution. When Lord Rama returned from the forests along with his wife goddess Sita and brother Lakshmana after killing the demon Ravana, people of his dynasty celebrated by lighting oil lamps all over the place. But I am sure there was no crackers burnt and every domesticated animal also took part in the rejoice.

The question is why are we burning crackers now to celebrate Diwali? I see more air pollution on these three days of Diwali. The founder of crackers took permission to prepare the smaller explosives in the form of crackers to start a business and they needed a platform to introduce these crackers. Hence the festival of Diwali was linked to the burning of crackers. But in truth, there is no evidence that crackers were the way to celebrate Diwali. After all, it is known as the festival of lights for a reason.

The Nadar brothers introduced the crackers and Sivakasi is the hub of making and preparing the crackers. It also gave rise to many other social issues in the country such as child labor, disabilities that caused by various accidents, occupational deaths etc.

The basis of this article and the above introduction is, what I witnessed this year Diwali with my Bruno (our family Dog) was painful. All these years since childhood like all Indian children I have also grown burning crackers year after year. In fact, we even waited for the festival only for this purpose and we burnt them until exhaustion. But I didn’t know what it did… how much harm it caused.

The first day of Diwali this year just two days back, there was a little sound of crackers. Bruno ran around the house barking at the source of the sound and that’s that. So we all felt the situation was as expected and it’s in control. But the second day and third turned out to be a little extreme noise and that was mainly because the people staying right behind our house were burning the huge atom bombs which makes sounds as if truly there was a drop of a missile on our roof. So many times it scared us, human. How could this little dog understand what was happening? Bruno ran all around the house, being afraid of the sound , trying to find the source or the culprit who has come to harm us, and not able to understand what is wrong, he lied down next to me. But he kept doing this every time there were more cracker sounds. His heart was pounding too fast out of fear, he panted continuously and stayed close to us. All this exhausted him very much and he wanted to just go to sleep. But the burning of crackers did not stop until midnight. It was a total exhaustion for the entire family to see him so distressed.

My daughter, who is fond of crackers decided she will not burn crackers that made loud noises because she felt Bruno at least has us for comfort but what about the others which are on streets? Frankly, I was in awe of her thinking.

We decided to burn a few night crackers that made no sound. But once we started them, it created a hell lot of smoke descending into thick air and made black clouds. This year was an eye opener for us to ban crackers in our home. We made up our minds not to harm our nature by polluting and by harming sweet innocent animals.

My sincere request to everyone to stop crackers or at least take it to a place where you do not cause harm. Make your homes bright full with lights and lamps. Enjoy the festival with social gatherings that gives a good reason to build relationships.

An Unexpected Gift in My Life

It’s been a year that you were born and just after a month of your birth, you were given to us in fact, sold to us. The greedy human world separated you from your mother and siblings, too early and put you in the hands of your human family, that is us. I, being your mother was clueless in the beginning not knowing how to take care of you, because you are the first pet I have ever been close or even touched, or held in my arms.

BRUNO – you were a gift to my daughter on her birthday, but I never imagined you will be a pleasant gift to all of us.

When we bought Bruno home, some family and friends disagreed of the addition, a few were even angry thinking it’s a reckless decision. Few others had plenty of questions for an answer of our choice. He was actually compared to me having another baby and most thought that it would have been good if I actually had another child instead.

I know, that is the human world who think the same things always and are never ready to accept the flaws or the changes.

Initially, I was really disappointed with my choice too, when Bruno started to pee around the house and made the corners of sofa his regular bathroom place. Just like the baby days,it was tiresome for me. But what did I know about how to train an animal while I am still clueless in bringing up my daughter even after 10 years(sigh!). I made mistakes and I learned and corrected myself along the way and luckily she is growing up like any other ten years old. Similarly, I spoke to people with dogs, watched youTube dog training videos, and with the help of a good friend who also loved him as much as we do, I finally trained him in some basic things and also cried over silly things like, when he started to run to the bathroom every time he wanted to pee.

What I wonder is, why are we not ready to give that time and space for this tiny living being, a dog. Some argued, if I had a human child, he or she will take care of me when they grow up, will be there for us and support us. Some even said if not for any of the above, It’s just entirely a different feeling in bringing up a human child.

I am not going to deny any of these things but I just want to ask everyone who wants to convince me that a dog is a waste of time and energy “seriously!!!!”??


  1. We make sure that we have plenty of life insurance policies and old age savings as we know the hard truth that it is that time of the generation where parents cannot depend on children and of course, why should we?

  2. We all know that son or daughter, they are with you only until they can open their wings and learn how to fly.

  3. Is it safe to say that our children might be so busy that they probably might not even have enough time to say or ask “Hey mom, how are you” or “Hey Dad, let’s go for a ride” as we are making sure that they are capable enough to become the CEO of some multimillionaire company.

  4. My daughter might not have a sibling to share her feelings and someone to talk, in her growing ages. But I am hoping she will make some good friends for keeps and I have heard dogs are great in keeping up secrets. (wink)

No, I don’t say any of these things are wrong because that is how life is. But after a year, I have come to love our Bruno so much that we find no difference in having a dog or another human child. I respect people choices and we all think different but if possible and if you can afford time and patience, do give yourself a chance to know the feeling of having a pet around. Because they are not just animals, they matter much more than we think.

Be it a dog, a cat, birds or any other pet animal, they matter. I’ am not a cat person or even a bird person to know how it feels, but I can understand they are special to that someone who loves them and cares for them.

Our family dog, Bruno though like any other animal, does not talk or communicate with words, I know what he says or what he might think(if he actually thinks) on many occasions. As ludicrous it may sound, but people at home know that I and Bruno talk plenty with each other and he reciprocates for many things that I tell him. He communicates with his eyes, ears, tail and even his legs.

listening to what I say!

listening to what I say!

When I drop down by the end of my day and the entire world is too busy to care to sit by my side, I know who has the time to sit next to me. Well, he can continue lying down without a care in the world, but, no. He comes next to me and sits by my side, in his own way of comforting because sometimes having someone beside you is all the comfort that’s needed which even words cannot replace and that action of these pets “matters”.

When I come home knowing there is no one who really cares where I go or what I do as long as I do the things what is expected by me, yet there is this one tiny living being, who wait’s for me and jumps with all the happiness seeing me back home(even when I was away for just half an hour) it“matters” forever.

Running around with shoe, asking me to chase and play!

Running around with shoe, asking me to chase and play!

At night, after everyone falls asleep and I wake up for some reason, there he is, walking by my side even to accompany me to the bathroom, maybe assuring himself or assuring me that “I am here”, that matters. (Believe me, Bruno does this even when he was in deep sleep)

When he sits under the table staring at me while I am busy working, waiting for me to get free, never getting angry, always accepting what I give him to eat or what I don’t , never demanding, never a shout and never a cry, that “matters”.

Waiting for his dad to come back home when it was late!

Waiting for his dad to come back home when it was late!

Never complains of any pains or discomfort and suffers silently by licking himself to find his own comfort, it matters because here he is someone who is not with us to give trouble.

Happy with his favourite doll!

Happy with his favorite doll!

My daughter laughed more since he is with us, enjoyed, and was easily able to spend her time when she felt lonely, that “matters” the most.

show love, to be loved!

show love, to be loved!

His innocence, unconditional love, his joy in being with us and having us around made all of us feel loved and wanted.

We thought he needs us until we realized how much we need him.

Today, if anyone wants to say that we made a mistake in getting a dog, I beg to differ, because bringing Bruno home is the best thing we ever did.

Here are some pictures and moments with him since the day one. Oh ya! Like a proud Mom, I do have plenty of his pictures and my mobile is full of them. Like all mothers, I love my two kids equally.


A Loving Home to Stay for Your Pets While You are Away

pet guardian

Our pets are our world! I’m sure, most pet owners agree with this because our pets make us love them unconditionally with their pure heart. Over the years there is a significant rise in animal lovers and we find many young couples and youngsters wanting to own a pet.

In my previous post, we talked about why it is very much needed to own a dog. While all is well to bring home a cute puppy with those adorable eyes and wagging tail running around in circles around your legs, until there comes the moment when you have to step out of the door for hours to a place where dogs are not allowed and your pet need to stay back home. The guilt what we feel then is unbearable at times, and if you are someone like me, then you would have shed buckets of tears.

The only worry in having a pet animal with us is when we have to travel and cannot take our pets along, which is so unfair that most of us pet lovers agree in common. Most dogs stay at home without any supervision for a couple of hours, but leaving them alone overnight may not be possible without anyone to attend to them.

Every time when I stepped out of the door to go out my pet Bruno watches me from the little gap in the staircase railings, which have a straight view of the main door. It was heartbreaking for me to watch his sad eyes and leave him behind. I rushed to finish all my works as soon as possible just so I can be home sooner and not make my pet wait for too long. Because of this reason, I even cancelled on many outings and gatherings. Personally, I started missing that social and personal life, but I loved my Bruno more than what I was missing. I had no choice.

Are you leaving me alone?

Are you leaving me alone?

I decided to find a solution for this. Being a blogger, my first attempt was to Google for help. I browsed all over the internet to find someone who could take care of him while we are away. That is when I found this wonderful online community that connects dog owners and pet care providers while we want to travel or when we are away. The website provides information for pet care in most of the major Indian cities.

I checked out a few people over the website and found a wonderful family who loved dogs. Basically, I believe that most hosts in this web site are the one who love dogs and hence the reason they do these services. I booked for an appointment with Mrs.Rashmi Jha as she stayed closer to my place.

After a couple of days, I got a response from her and we planned for a pre-visit. Our pet is seven months old pug and he still got confusions in his trainings. I was really worried as what if the host denies us. We had a tonsillectomy operation scheduled for my daughter in a few days and desperately wanted help. We met our host and she agreed to take care of our Bruno for three days. Trust me, our host Rashmi Jha, treated our pet like he is her own and gave him all the love and care which made him trust people easily as well. I could not thank her enough for making me feel so comfortable while I was busy with my daughter in the hospital. She sent me every detail through photos and videos. Not to mention his love to potty on her cushions and sofas, yet he made his way to sleep beside her with all the hugs and kisses.

It feels awesome to sit here!

It feels awesome to sit here! helped me to meet a wonderful, loving and caring person and an amazing guardian for my pet and now am no more afraid to plan for any travel in the future.

Dear all pet owners, am not assuring you that everyone will be doing a good service here, which I trust based on my experience, but its worth a try to find someone and make our pets as comfortable and loved while we are vacationing too.

On an end note here is a personal message from Rashmi Jha “dear pet parents, we guardians for your pets are true dog lovers and believe in giving them all the love and care they need. You can trust me with your pet for the care he or she needs while you are away. Rest assured, your pet will have a loving home while he or she is away from its own home”.

I thank Waggle for their wonderful service and Rashmi Jha for simply being as wonderful and compassionate in person.

5 Reasons Why You Should Own a Dog

We are a nuclear family and my daughter is the only child we have. She being the only child, I need not have to explain her ways of pestering for a sibling or for a pet. Finally, we gave in for a pet, although I and my husband were totally against having any pets at home. It was the previous year 2015 when we bought a cute Pug puppy as a gift for my daughter’s 10th year birthday.

We named him Bruno. Well! As far as a name goes, he got plenty of names now, and every single name makes him. Initially, when he came to us, he was just 38 days old baby and he became one of us very soon. We never knew owning a dog can be this wonderful. They are such innocent animals, who might not talk or demand anything. Although if you ask a pet owner, they will definitely agree with me that after staying together over a certain period of time, we pet owners, actually start understanding our pet language and needless to say they understand us better.


Hey All, I’ am Bruno!

So, if someone asks me should they own a pet, I will say definitely Yes! Provided, there are proper resources and people to take care of your pet. Here are five reasons as why you should own a dog in case if you ever find yourself in confusion.

1.Dogs Help to Improve Your Mood

Dogs make us feel better with just their presence. At times when we are in a bad mood, all we need is someone beside us and a shoulder to lean on. Not, someone who tells us where we are wrong or what we need to do. Dogs are excellent companions to give you that attention when you are in a terrible mood and make you feel better within no time dragging you down to play. What can we say, they are cute in their own smart way!

2.Improves Your Wellness and Fitness

Am waiting buddy! Let's go out for a walk.

I’ am waiting buddy! Let’s go out for a walk.

Dogs are the most active animals and if you want them to be happy, they need their regular exercise and timely walks and also playtime. Taking your pet for daily walks and spending some time with them to make them play not only keeps them fit but also makes you healthy. Trust me, playing with your pet also puts your entire family in a good mood. Being happy and cheerful improves health and keeps us fit.

3. They are the best watchdogs

Paying that hefty salary to a watchman, who sits in a corner and dozes off is totally a waste of money when you can own a well-trained watch dog. Some of the breeds are trained to watch and be alert and take action and these dogs are the best, which stays on guard every second when it’s on duty. All you need to pay them is good food and some love and appropriate exercise with training. Not too much to ask when they can guard us 24/7 isn’t it?

4.Improves Social Interactions

Since I have Bruno with us, I have found myself in some of the various socializing pet groups sharing about him and I really have no idea how I landed there. But through this social interaction of similar feelings of having a pet and knowing how it makes me feel, I have made a couple of good friends too. It’s not only we, who need social interaction, but dogs need them too. In an effort, when you own dogs, you meet new pet owners to make your pet meet other pups and animals. Thereby, increasing your social circle.

5.No more boring days

Hiding under the cot

Hiding under the cot

I know, having a pet can be challenging sometimes. The endless cleaning, the endless chasing while they run with the things in their mouth, which they are not suppose to get a hold in the first place, the time spent for grooming while some of them hate it. Especially my Bruno, when I want to clean the folds of his nose and cheek, as he being a pug, it needs to be done every day and he extremely hates it, pushing my hands away and hiding wherever possible. So in a way, dogs keep you busy and makes your day more entertaining and there is never a boring time.

There are many other reasons and am sure you will know them when you finally bring home that cute little one asking you to give him or her a home. They are a bundle of joy!!

If you already own a pet dog, or have any experience or like to share anything regarding pets share your thoughts in comments.