Shopping Alone Can Be Fun Too

shopping alone

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Ever tried, going for shopping alone? I know there is a lot said and proved scientifically too that shopping with close friends or family can be therapeutic and a stress buster, but trust me shopping in your own company gives you a different kind of feeling and has many benefits too.

There are some, who hate shopping and prefer to buy everything online and save the time. Mostly I agree, but it so happens sometimes, the things we buy online, cannot be accurate in details of sizes and colors, we cannot analyze the material and feel of it. So actual shopping is different when compared to online shopping. Read on if you are one of those who do not mind taking a stroll on your day off. If you are someone who hate shopping, maybe here is something that can push you to step out for a while.

To relax, going on shopping is one of my favorites and one such day, I asked my husband to accompany me. What a mistake I made? Unless you got a man in your life who loves to shop and do not mind spending hours, which I doubt men are made that way. I’ am sure most women will understand why my day of shopping turned out to be such a disaster. I ended up buying a dress I never wore to this day and then I forgot to visit those shops which I had in mind and I actually did not shop for ME which is exactly what I wanted to do before leaving the house. Well, since then I decided to go on shopping all by myself once in a while even though I had no list of things to buy.

So here are some of my reasons as why shopping can be fun when it is done alone sometimes. Not that I don’t like to go out with friends or a family member. That is a different kind of an experience but enjoying your own company is something which you definitely need to try.

1.Shop on your own Schedule

I like to visit many shops, compare rates and then buy before I make a purchase. I know, it can be time-consuming and sometimes even boring for the person who might be accompanying me. But, it will not be a problem when you go alone. You are free to go whichever shop you want to and spend how much ever time you like of course unless the shopkeeper gets irritated. You know some shopkeepers hate to take every piece out of their shelves and you end up not liking any of them, oops! That can be such a waste of energy and time for all. Yet, you are free to look at your pace.

2. You get to buy for yourself

When you are accompanied by someone, it so happens your friend/family remembers exactly the same moment that he or she wanted to check out a new brand/product released in the market and now, is the time to check it out while you invited them for shopping. Which, actually you never wanted to check out, but you cannot say no because she/he agreed to join you in the first place when you invited. Is your mind screaming you would have been better off going on your own to shop something for yourself? I know, that exactly what I was talking about.

3. Buy what you like

It is really nice when we have someone to suggest what looks nice on us and what does not and if the color suits us or not. But many times we end up still putting our heart into one and buying another just because our partner in shopping said so. To avoid those aftermath shopping tears, it is best to go alone, buy what it feels best for you. Well, we after-all learn from our mistakes, if what you bought turns out to be not so good in the lights and surroundings of home.

4.The feeling of freedom

Shopping alone gives you a sense of freedom that makes you feel independent. Right from the start, going by yourself, making your own decision as which shop to visit and what item best suits you, everything makes up for an independent thinking. The feeling of being independent gives a kind of high feeling and makes you more fun to be around.

5.You Don’t have to shop anything

window shopping

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Once I went shopping with a friend and I ended up not buying anything because the few number of shops I saw did not have what I wanted and the other few had what I was not looking for. So, what I did instead is just window shop. I just went around all the place and shops and came back home without a single shopping bag in hand. But, that did not sit well with my friend as she thought it was a waste of time. Where as for me it was relaxing. So I guess I will vote to go alone for shopping the next time and you should give it a try too.

That’s said, some of my reasons to shop alone once in a while, I hope most of you agree with me and if at all you decide to shop alone, do not forget to share your experiences in the comments section.


What pays? Fame, Money or Self-Satisfaction

We all have a reason for what we do and why we do, whatever we are doing. Alright! That’s a confusing beginning line, isn’t it? I was once in this deep confusion until I decided what makes me happy. Let me explain.


I started writing since the time I could hold a pen in my hands, now please do not ask how about the pencil ages, because I alone have no memory of that! So, as I was telling, I started to write tidbit of jokes to children magazine, essays in school journals and competitions, and my infamous personal diary which could actually be made into one huge blockbuster movie (kidding). Since then I had always written and whatever appreciation I got from people pushed me further to write better.

Am all but human and could not be satisfied with just appreciation of people around. Truth be told that also stops over time because we become famous writers among our friends and families circle and they decide we do not need any more appreciation because we got the whole world over the internet to read our works.

So with appreciation, I decided to make some cash and probably get paid regularly, maybe hold a job and become a great professional writer. Oh! Well, I did begin with a good profession as a technical writer in a software company, which promised good pay and good future.

But it turned out to be a roller coaster ride for me and I realized am not a technical writer and I actually like to write simple things; things which people read to enjoy, have fun, relax, or probably even to learn something (learn something non-technical is what I mean here, maybe a recipe, why not!), So I quit the mega Job which had huge promises of great career. I started to work as a freelance content writer on non-technical topics both as a ghost- writer and for direct publishing. When I worked as a ghost-writer the pay was good, but I never got to see where my works published or were used. When I wrote for websites which gave a name and fame, the pay was unsatisfactory. So I started to do some math here to find my satisfaction as what is it I want. Is it getting well established becoming my name well-known is more important or screw with the name and try making some fast bucks. Honestly, I could not come to a conclusion because both seemed like a need and that might sound greedy. However, I guess when we become famous money might follow eventually, but that road seems like so far-fetched.

Nevertheless, after writing for years, what I realised is neither money nor name gives the satisfaction. It is sheer the thrill of putting your thoughts to the paper with your pen (Er! Typing it on your laptop docs) and let it swim along many readers to be read. It’s satisfaction, when those thoughts in our head, which is so full, is unloaded and can be re-read leisurely. It is satisfaction when the words flow freely in your mind like a song and gives shape to your thoughts. (Not that a little appreciation, will not make me happy, because if I say so, you will know that I am lying). But to write freely and to enjoy it, is itself a gift.

So here I am, not getting any richer or not becoming any famous, still finding the joy of writing my thoughts with beautiful words that give a lot of meaning in our lives.

So, what gives for you to write if you are a writer too? Or if you are in a different profession what is it that keeps motivating you to do what you do? Share your motivational secrets and inspire others too.

Stay motivated!

Happy writing!