What If?


On one such late night, I and my daughter stood on our terrace holding the telescope that was given in her astronomy class( one of those many classes children convince us to make them join when we know it’s not worth it) trying to look at the moon in an attempt to see all the craters and other things that are seen on the Moon. Are you asking me what other stuff? Sorry, I need to go back to the science books to give that information. Anyways, my daughter had already seen all the things very clearly in a moon watching day through a much bigger sized telescope and she wanted me to see them too ( in her small telescope). As you might have already guessed, I could see a clearer view of the moon and make out the craters, however, nothing other than that.

While watching( it takes too long to focus and to make sure not to move your hands, as you are breathing) I had this thought, what if suddenly one day I wake up and find myself on the moon!! How is it going to be?

Ever thought something random things like that? I do, quite often. My mind is the best friend who always accompanies me in all random thoughts and stupid suggestions. So we (I and my bestie mind) discussed how is it going to be to wake up on the moon.

Imagining, the first thing I open my eyes, probably I will have all sore body parts, you know because of no bed and maybe I was on top of rocks. I see not a single living organism around and am all alone. I start getting up and walk around in an attempt to know where I am. Mind you, when I say walk around it probably might look like bunny hops. But hey, I just weigh like a baby on the moon. How wonderful if I weigh the same on Earth? OK, so I search and search looking for a life or anything else. It feels dark, but you know, one day on Moon is equal to 28.5 days on Earth. It’s like, is the day ever going to end? Everywhere its mountains, rocks and huge craters. Wait they looked so small in the telescope, didn’t they?Time to miss Earth? I still try to find some form of a solution. I decide to gather things on the moon surface to show people down on Earth if by chance I go back alive just like how I woke up. By now I started to feel thirsty and no sight of water anywhere. Suddenly there is a drastic change of atmosphere and it is unbearable. Being on the moon is beginning to feel scary and lonely. Moon is really nice to watch from far. I finally go back to sleep and the next time I woke up, I was back in my lovely king sized bed, surrounded by my family, adorable pet and my lovely daughter who is the reason in the first place for these stargazing thoughts on the moon. Oh! I love my Earth and where I live. Maybe it’s time we all try to respect and save the resources, else it might not be really good to shift to other planets. Just saying!!!


Time Travel – A Short and Imaginary Story by my 10-year-old Daughter

We are back to school after 20 days of holidays which felt like after two whole years. Spending holidays especially when we had no plans, had been really tough as my daughter was totally bored. Most of her friends got busy traveling to different destinations. We decided to plan next holidays in the December.

My daughter thought of trying something different and she wrote a story, why not? She is a huge fan of Geronimo Stilton and loves any fictitious and traveling into time a lot. Hence, based on little dreams she has, she came up with a story and wrote it in one of her books.

Schools started and she forgot all about it. I took the liberty of sending it to a highly appreciated weekly children news paper. It got published and she wants to tell it to the world. 🙂

Here is a link to her published story. Please share your thoughts.


PS : Request to keep in mind this is a story written by a 10-year-old and who is learning the English language still. So please do not be too hard on judging her language skills.

Thank you

Simple Hacks That Makes Things in Life Easier

I have done more of reading than writing the past month and came across a post that said some kitchen hacks for the working mothers as they got less time. Seriously, I don’t know why, but something put me off with that line, as what does that mean? A stay at home mother has all the time in the world and need no hacks in the kitchen? Oh! How I wish I can run out of the kitchen as soon as possible and make time for various other stuff that keeps waiting for my attention. For the starters, my pet, who sits waiting under the table staring at me with his big Pug eyes wondering, when will I get free for him, that personal shopping list, which I am not sure what corner I have pushed it in because of lack of time, a friend who is no more a friend probably because I canceled too many luncheons because of no time, and the list goes on and on. But what I’ am trying to say is be it a stay at home mother or a working out of the house mother, woman or a man( some blessed men are really helpful in the household chores) equally will be happy to find some useful hacks that can be helpful in making things easier from their regular way of doing. Based on the title I did not read the article further, because it said kitchen hacks for working mother. Well, I am a mom who works endlessly at home, so probably I should find a different post. Then, I came up with this idea as why not make a list of hacks that is for everyone, you see, time is a constraint for every one of us. So here are some useful hacks and ideas that could be handy in our daily life.

(PS – I know, that author did not mean to hurt anyone feelings with his/her title, but hey we all feel differently)

1.Take a Picture of Business Card

Gone are the days when only high tycoons carried their business cards neatly printed with their name, work and home contact details. It’s the time where even I can get a card printed that says Sarojavasath a crazy blogger, and you can call me at *********2. Why not? So there is a possibility that you might meet many new people and they all give you their business or personal card. The best thing to do is take a picture of the card and save it in a folder created specifically for cards. This way it helps to find any contact details of anyone even when the card is lost.

2.Cook Book Holder

I know how interesting it will be, to try out a new dish from a cookbook in a custom and carefully planned kitchen which has all the things in the right place and easy to hold the book. But unfortunately, it’s not the case for most and many times we start wishing if there was a place where you can keep your cookbook in such a manner that makes it easy for you to view it while both your hands are busy preparing the dish. Here is a simple way to make it easier. Take out that pant hanger from your wardrobe and clip both the ends of your book and hang it in a place that makes it easy for you to see while you work the dish. Now, that makes things easier, isn’t it?

3.Charge Your Phone from TV

Going on a vacation? There are loads to pack and when the vacation is along with kids, then it’s assured a number of things that might need planning months before and so many bags to carry on the day of departure and yet most of the time we find ourselves have forgotten the one most needed is our phone charger once we land in the hotel and start searching the bags exactly when the phone breaths its last breath with a beep beep sound. In such a case you do not have to worry if you have a room with a TV. Most TV comes with a USB port and if you have a USB cable you can connect your phone to the TV and charge your mobile.

4.Do something unusual before locking doors or switching off stove

I always do this panicking dance of whether did I put the gas cylinder off when we leave for an outing or a long day trip, which of course causes tension to everyone. To avoid such doubtful feeling on your journey, do something unusual after locking doors or putting the gas off etc which might need remembering. For example jump like a frog entire living room to remember, because things like that stuck out in yours as well as others mind. Make a funny face or act like a Monkey after locking the doors. Well, that will definitely make you remember things and can be fun too.

5.Softening the butter

The much awaited party that you planned since many days has started and your guests are enjoying it and the dinner is about to be served, you realize, that you forgot to keep the butter cubes out of the fridge a little before and now it is as hard as a rock. No worries, you can make it soft without melting them into butter water. Take a glass tumbler and warm it with hot water or placing in the oven for a few seconds and cover the butter cubes with the inverted glass tumbler for few minutes. Within no time the butter will soften up and will be ready to serve.

6.Summarize your day to Sleep well

Before going to bed, take few minutes and make a note in your personal diary about all the things you did that day, and why you did and what or how you could do it better. Make points next to it as how to improve if the task needs improvement. You will be surprised as how well you can sleep after writing down than carrying all the things in your head and going to bed which will make you more restless. It’s like spilling out all the things and sleeping with a clear head.

PS – It also helps in developing good writing skills. 🙂

7.Lock your pants Zip

How annoying or awkward it feels that someone tells you that your pants fly is open and you realize the zipper has gone down again when you pulled it up just a while ago. Here is an easy way to lock the pants zip. Put a small key-chain ring to the zip and hang it to the button of the fastening of the pants once you pull the zip up. Now you do not have to worry about the zip going down unnoticed.

There are many such hacks that we use on daily basis and sharing it with each other is one way to make things easier. You must be using such easy methods just to make some extra time. Share your time-saving hacks in the comments and let the world know some easy methods as well.

DIY ethnic ear ring tutorial – Quilling technique

In my post, Creativity Has no Boundaries, I promised you about the upload of the procedure for quilling technique. It was pending for a long time. Here it is in a step by step process.


  1. Quilling paper strips.


2. A pair of scissors (see pic 1)

3. Quilling needle


4. Glue( see pic 1)

5. A pair of pliers


6. Hooks and round pins.


7. Kundan stones for decoration.



  1. Paste around 6 strips of paper by alternating colors. If you choose red and orange strips, paste one orange after the red strip as shown in the picture.


2. Using a quilling needle, start rolling the strips by placing them in between the needle. Once the quilling is done, paste the edges using the glue.




  1. Now push the quilled strips to make domes, as shown in the picture.


  1. Glue the inner side of the dome. In this way, the dome will not separate and stays tight.


  1. Insert a head pin with a bead at the end, to keep it secure from the bottom of the dome, coming up as shown in the picture.


6. On the upper side of the pin, place some more color beads.


7. Cut the remaining piece of the pin, and bend it using a plier.


8. Place the hooks on top of the loop of the pin and close the loop.


  1. Paste stone kundans at the edges of the dome. Now the Jhumkas are ready. To give a shine and make it waterproof, we can use glue spread on top of the jhumkas.


I hope you will be trying these jhumkas soon and let me know how did it come out. Of course, you can always get in touch with me to know more about the art through the comments or by e-mail. The best part of these is we can make it any colour that suits our dresses and in no time.

Enjoy Quilling!!

Creativity has no boundaries

The more you think, the more you imagine, the more you become creative. I was not a very creative person, I was good in drawing and that too my Zoology diagrams. I never tried to explore new things, until I chanced upon one technique.

This is the quilling technique of making jewellery. Initially, the thought of using a paper as a piece of jewellery did not go well with me. I thought it is not something that would interest me. I was wrong. I learnt it from a cousin of mine and now I make them as a hobby. I love to make these small piece of jewellery and my little daughter likes it a lot.

Quilling is a method of rolling a small strip of paper using a special needle and making rolls of it. From this many new designs can be made which are widely used for making decorative items. One such method is jewellery making. I would like to share few of my ear rings that I made using quilling technique.

A Pink Jhumka.

A Pink Jhumka.

A Maroon Jhumka

A Maroon Jhumka

I will share the method of making these jhumkas or ear rings in the following post.

Please comment and share your opinion. Thank you.