What If?


On one such late night, I and my daughter stood on our terrace holding the telescope that was given in her astronomy class( one of those many classes children convince us to make them join when we know it’s not worth it) trying to look at the moon in an attempt to see all the craters and other things that are seen on the Moon. Are you asking me what other stuff? Sorry, I need to go back to the science books to give that information. Anyways, my daughter had already seen all the things very clearly in a moon watching day through a much bigger sized telescope and she wanted me to see them too ( in her small telescope). As you might have already guessed, I could see a clearer view of the moon and make out the craters, however, nothing other than that.

While watching( it takes too long to focus and to make sure not to move your hands, as you are breathing) I had this thought, what if suddenly one day I wake up and find myself on the moon!! How is it going to be?

Ever thought something random things like that? I do, quite often. My mind is the best friend who always accompanies me in all random thoughts and stupid suggestions. So we (I and my bestie mind) discussed how is it going to be to wake up on the moon.

Imagining, the first thing I open my eyes, probably I will have all sore body parts, you know because of no bed and maybe I was on top of rocks. I see not a single living organism around and am all alone. I start getting up and walk around in an attempt to know where I am. Mind you, when I say walk around it probably might look like bunny hops. But hey, I just weigh like a baby on the moon. How wonderful if I weigh the same on Earth? OK, so I search and search looking for a life or anything else. It feels dark, but you know, one day on Moon is equal to 28.5 days on Earth. It’s like, is the day ever going to end? Everywhere its mountains, rocks and huge craters. Wait they looked so small in the telescope, didn’t they?Time to miss Earth? I still try to find some form of a solution. I decide to gather things on the moon surface to show people down on Earth if by chance I go back alive just like how I woke up. By now I started to feel thirsty and no sight of water anywhere. Suddenly there is a drastic change of atmosphere and it is unbearable. Being on the moon is beginning to feel scary and lonely. Moon is really nice to watch from far. I finally go back to sleep and the next time I woke up, I was back in my lovely king sized bed, surrounded by my family, adorable pet and my lovely daughter who is the reason in the first place for these stargazing thoughts on the moon. Oh! I love my Earth and where I live. Maybe it’s time we all try to respect and save the resources, else it might not be really good to shift to other planets. Just saying!!!


An Unexpected Gift in My Life

It’s been a year that you were born and just after a month of your birth, you were given to us in fact, sold to us. The greedy human world separated you from your mother and siblings, too early and put you in the hands of your human family, that is us. I, being your mother was clueless in the beginning not knowing how to take care of you, because you are the first pet I have ever been close or even touched, or held in my arms.

BRUNO – you were a gift to my daughter on her birthday, but I never imagined you will be a pleasant gift to all of us.

When we bought Bruno home, some family and friends disagreed of the addition, a few were even angry thinking it’s a reckless decision. Few others had plenty of questions for an answer of our choice. He was actually compared to me having another baby and most thought that it would have been good if I actually had another child instead.

I know, that is the human world who think the same things always and are never ready to accept the flaws or the changes.

Initially, I was really disappointed with my choice too, when Bruno started to pee around the house and made the corners of sofa his regular bathroom place. Just like the baby days,it was tiresome for me. But what did I know about how to train an animal while I am still clueless in bringing up my daughter even after 10 years(sigh!). I made mistakes and I learned and corrected myself along the way and luckily she is growing up like any other ten years old. Similarly, I spoke to people with dogs, watched youTube dog training videos, and with the help of a good friend who also loved him as much as we do, I finally trained him in some basic things and also cried over silly things like, when he started to run to the bathroom every time he wanted to pee.

What I wonder is, why are we not ready to give that time and space for this tiny living being, a dog. Some argued, if I had a human child, he or she will take care of me when they grow up, will be there for us and support us. Some even said if not for any of the above, It’s just entirely a different feeling in bringing up a human child.

I am not going to deny any of these things but I just want to ask everyone who wants to convince me that a dog is a waste of time and energy “seriously!!!!”??


  1. We make sure that we have plenty of life insurance policies and old age savings as we know the hard truth that it is that time of the generation where parents cannot depend on children and of course, why should we?

  2. We all know that son or daughter, they are with you only until they can open their wings and learn how to fly.

  3. Is it safe to say that our children might be so busy that they probably might not even have enough time to say or ask “Hey mom, how are you” or “Hey Dad, let’s go for a ride” as we are making sure that they are capable enough to become the CEO of some multimillionaire company.

  4. My daughter might not have a sibling to share her feelings and someone to talk, in her growing ages. But I am hoping she will make some good friends for keeps and I have heard dogs are great in keeping up secrets. (wink)

No, I don’t say any of these things are wrong because that is how life is. But after a year, I have come to love our Bruno so much that we find no difference in having a dog or another human child. I respect people choices and we all think different but if possible and if you can afford time and patience, do give yourself a chance to know the feeling of having a pet around. Because they are not just animals, they matter much more than we think.

Be it a dog, a cat, birds or any other pet animal, they matter. I’ am not a cat person or even a bird person to know how it feels, but I can understand they are special to that someone who loves them and cares for them.

Our family dog, Bruno though like any other animal, does not talk or communicate with words, I know what he says or what he might think(if he actually thinks) on many occasions. As ludicrous it may sound, but people at home know that I and Bruno talk plenty with each other and he reciprocates for many things that I tell him. He communicates with his eyes, ears, tail and even his legs.

listening to what I say!

listening to what I say!

When I drop down by the end of my day and the entire world is too busy to care to sit by my side, I know who has the time to sit next to me. Well, he can continue lying down without a care in the world, but, no. He comes next to me and sits by my side, in his own way of comforting because sometimes having someone beside you is all the comfort that’s needed which even words cannot replace and that action of these pets “matters”.

When I come home knowing there is no one who really cares where I go or what I do as long as I do the things what is expected by me, yet there is this one tiny living being, who wait’s for me and jumps with all the happiness seeing me back home(even when I was away for just half an hour) it“matters” forever.

Running around with shoe, asking me to chase and play!

Running around with shoe, asking me to chase and play!

At night, after everyone falls asleep and I wake up for some reason, there he is, walking by my side even to accompany me to the bathroom, maybe assuring himself or assuring me that “I am here”, that matters. (Believe me, Bruno does this even when he was in deep sleep)

When he sits under the table staring at me while I am busy working, waiting for me to get free, never getting angry, always accepting what I give him to eat or what I don’t , never demanding, never a shout and never a cry, that “matters”.

Waiting for his dad to come back home when it was late!

Waiting for his dad to come back home when it was late!

Never complains of any pains or discomfort and suffers silently by licking himself to find his own comfort, it matters because here he is someone who is not with us to give trouble.

Happy with his favourite doll!

Happy with his favorite doll!

My daughter laughed more since he is with us, enjoyed, and was easily able to spend her time when she felt lonely, that “matters” the most.

show love, to be loved!

show love, to be loved!

His innocence, unconditional love, his joy in being with us and having us around made all of us feel loved and wanted.

We thought he needs us until we realized how much we need him.

Today, if anyone wants to say that we made a mistake in getting a dog, I beg to differ, because bringing Bruno home is the best thing we ever did.

Here are some pictures and moments with him since the day one. Oh ya! Like a proud Mom, I do have plenty of his pictures and my mobile is full of them. Like all mothers, I love my two kids equally.


What pays? Fame, Money or Self-Satisfaction

We all have a reason for what we do and why we do, whatever we are doing. Alright! That’s a confusing beginning line, isn’t it? I was once in this deep confusion until I decided what makes me happy. Let me explain.


I started writing since the time I could hold a pen in my hands, now please do not ask how about the pencil ages, because I alone have no memory of that! So, as I was telling, I started to write tidbit of jokes to children magazine, essays in school journals and competitions, and my infamous personal diary which could actually be made into one huge blockbuster movie (kidding). Since then I had always written and whatever appreciation I got from people pushed me further to write better.

Am all but human and could not be satisfied with just appreciation of people around. Truth be told that also stops over time because we become famous writers among our friends and families circle and they decide we do not need any more appreciation because we got the whole world over the internet to read our works.

So with appreciation, I decided to make some cash and probably get paid regularly, maybe hold a job and become a great professional writer. Oh! Well, I did begin with a good profession as a technical writer in a software company, which promised good pay and good future.

But it turned out to be a roller coaster ride for me and I realized am not a technical writer and I actually like to write simple things; things which people read to enjoy, have fun, relax, or probably even to learn something (learn something non-technical is what I mean here, maybe a recipe, why not!), So I quit the mega Job which had huge promises of great career. I started to work as a freelance content writer on non-technical topics both as a ghost- writer and for direct publishing. When I worked as a ghost-writer the pay was good, but I never got to see where my works published or were used. When I wrote for websites which gave a name and fame, the pay was unsatisfactory. So I started to do some math here to find my satisfaction as what is it I want. Is it getting well established becoming my name well-known is more important or screw with the name and try making some fast bucks. Honestly, I could not come to a conclusion because both seemed like a need and that might sound greedy. However, I guess when we become famous money might follow eventually, but that road seems like so far-fetched.

Nevertheless, after writing for years, what I realised is neither money nor name gives the satisfaction. It is sheer the thrill of putting your thoughts to the paper with your pen (Er! Typing it on your laptop docs) and let it swim along many readers to be read. It’s satisfaction, when those thoughts in our head, which is so full, is unloaded and can be re-read leisurely. It is satisfaction when the words flow freely in your mind like a song and gives shape to your thoughts. (Not that a little appreciation, will not make me happy, because if I say so, you will know that I am lying). But to write freely and to enjoy it, is itself a gift.

So here I am, not getting any richer or not becoming any famous, still finding the joy of writing my thoughts with beautiful words that give a lot of meaning in our lives.

So, what gives for you to write if you are a writer too? Or if you are in a different profession what is it that keeps motivating you to do what you do? Share your motivational secrets and inspire others too.

Stay motivated!

Happy writing!

My mom My Inspiration

My mother is my inspiration. I lost my mom when I was 27. I was married and had a kid who was 10 months old at that time. I am glad that my mom held my baby in her arms before God took her away from us. We were from the middle class Indian family. Dad had a transferable job and we moved from one place to another once in every 3 years. This made us visit various places and get to meet different people. She is the one who inspired me to study well and achieve success in life. My mother was a friendly lady and was down to earth.  She was liked by all in my family for her humble nature.

There is a saying that goes, “No one can replace a mom”. Yes, everyone feels that no matter what age we are, we need mom to be by our side. I was not so fortunate in this case. I could not imagine a single day without my mom and now I have been living without her, for nearly 10 years. Losing a parent at any age is difficult to cope up with.

My mother did not desire for any higher education for herself, though she was a graduate. But, she always wanted my brother and I study well. We were made to focus only on studies. My dad would tell us that our studies will always help us in future. It is the foundation for our successful life. When I was doing my post-graduation, my mom wished that I top the University and get a gold medal. I told her as “no mother would wish like how you wish mom, it’s not going to happen”. She taught me ‘nothing is impossible. You need to strive to reach your goal. Keep in mind that you are what you think you are’. I was really not so serious about this, but my mom had that confidence in me that I would achieve what she wished. I studied hard, tried my best. Then there was this moment in my life, when it was announced in our college that I have received a gold medal for standing first in University. Our joys had no bounds. I totally dedicate my achievements to my parents. They were the one who encouraged me in gaining the success they always wished. The moment, when your parents are proud of your achievement, is an awesome feeling. My mom’s wishes, prayers and my dad’s support along with my brother’s encouragement became my pillar of strength.

My mother was diagnosed of terminal lung cancer. This happened the year after my brother and I had completed our studies. It was really difficult to come to terms with life when you know that a family member is suffering. One year passed by chemotherapy sessions, the visits to hospitals, the pain my mother had, the trauma. After a year of chemotherapy sessions, the doctors told us that my mother had not responded for any medication and that there is no hope.

It was 13 May 2007, “Mothers’ Day”. The whole world was celebrating this day. There were many messages in News Papers and television, about a mother and feelings attached towards it. Our whole family was together on that day. We were planning to go out for a pizza. I asked my mother, if she wants to eat a pizza. She said, ‘get me one, I‘d love it’. Though she was bed ridden, she was very cheerful. She looked at ease and did not show any signs of difficulty. Suddenly, she began gasping; I was there right next to her. But, unfortunately, it was her last day.

Initially it was difficult for me to spend every minute without my mother’s presence and it took a long time to even realize that she is no more with us, but we all had a life to live on and we took strength from each other. Losing a parent is difficult for anyone, and it is the near and dear one’s that matters in such times to draw up strength and move on.

Here are a few ways that could be helpful to cope in similar situation, although I will not expect this situation to anyone.

  1. Spend time with family; help each other in coming back to terms.

This is the time when our family needs us. Our family was shattered; however, we had to get over the loss of our mother. We all stayed with each other and helped to get over the loss.

  1. Change of Environment

If possible, take the spouse to a different place for some time. In this way with new surroundings, they will be able to come to normal life. After few months of my mother’s demise, my brother took my dad to London. They stayed there for a year. It was at this time, that dad managed to stay without mom and he got adjusted to the life.

  1. Develop a new hobby

Hobbies like painting, gardening, cooking or anything that keeps you busy. I was not a good cook. Now, I started to learn cooking and tried new recipes. As I had a little child, spending time with her also gave me solace.

  1. Learn a musical instrument – it helps to soothe the mind.
  2. Learn yoga or meditation.

Today mom is not among us, but her presence is always felt. I am happy that at least she was satisfied in life and must be at peace somewhere. I am now a mom of two and wish, I too become an inspiration for my kids one day. I have made a promise to myself, that I would be conscious of my health and try to be active and be with my kids till they are well settled in their life.


Self Motivation is the Key Strength for Women

As humans, we all need motivation to keep going on in life and do the things we are good at and we are supposed to do. But life throws us so many obstacles that there are times that we stumble along the way and sometimes can be demotivated to continue our routines, work, etc.

As aptly put by my dear friend Shalini in her previous post that little things matter in our kids life, little things matter everywhere and for everyone. (Before I go ahead with my article I like to mention that am really happy that Shalini’s Baby kicked the butt of the illness which put him in hospital for a few days and now he is healthy and cheerful). These are some of the situations that can demotivate a woman especially a mother to do things as best as she can.

It’s a blessing when we have people around us to motivate us like parents, siblings, friends, etc. But nothing can beat the skill of self-motivating. You might ask why should we? When we have a whole bunch of people around us to do that. Trust me, expecting anything from the other person when you can do it yourself is dependency and self-motivating gives you the strength, power and the feeling of being independent.

So how to motivate yourself and jump right back into your work and speed up? Here are a few pointers to help you to begin with.

1.Positive thinking or attitude

When we are demotivated, negativity creeps in and we automatically assume things with a negative approach. Stop your mind with any kind of negative thoughts and push the positive thoughts inside. Believe always that there is a way for everything and a solution for every problem. So, what may, think positive and be optimistic.

2.Knowledge is Power

Well, you lost the dance competition in the city hall for women special day? Never mind, do not get demotivated with just one occasion. Learning things and knowing about our surroundings and various things around us are one of the ways to keep us motivated. The next time you participate a dance competition after you had learned the art, will definitely bring you the joy of performing well than in the previous performance. Learn every day, know things better.

3.Set goals to follow your dreams

We all have a dream, to become ‘that’ or to be ‘this’. But, if you want the dream to become a reality, we need to set goals to achieve it. There is no point in just wishing for things and feel sad that you are incapable to reach them. When we want something in life, we need to work hard to get it.

4.Do what you like

A lot of us end up in studying what our parents wanted and do the jobs that are less interesting to us. It is you, who drive your life sailboat, and only you can decide what you want in your life, which keeps you happy. Doing things which you are not interested is a strong tool to demotivate. So figure out what you want, and go have them.

5.Reward yourself

Did a good job? Give a pat yourself and appreciate all your efforts. Recognize your own strengths, for others to notice it. Once in a while treat yourself for your good efforts and enjoy the bliss of having a good life. Believe when we place all our problems on a single plate and observe, ours will be least compared to all others in the plate. So enjoy life and reward yourself for the good deeds.

There are many other different ways to motivate self and each individual may have different methods. Find that inner you and rock the world.