The Observing Child

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On one of those odd days when I went to pick my daughter from school, I saw another parent of a kindergarten child speaking to the class teacher. I happened to sit close by and overheard their conversation. The teacher went like this “He is very good in his academics (!!!) and I have no complaints but he is very naughty, throws pencils, sharpener and eraser at other children in the class.” The teacher went on and on complaining and in between questioning the boy “why do you do that? Won’t it hurt others?” If only the boy knew that it hurts because he has probably seen Tom and Jerry, run around beating each other and it’s so much fun!! Oggy and the Cockroaches are no less. Why are children made to watch cartoons? Do we know that Cartoons were meant for adults and not for children?

Cartoons have been used to depict a wide range of political, religious and social viewpoints and often touch upon topics that may be sensitive. As social critics, these cartoonists work best in times of social unrest and movements towards reform. It is more challenging for them to maintain their critical wit in times of tragedy, uncertainty or the threat of war when the tendency is to invoke nationalist sentiment and comfort the public.

For children, what they see is what they do. Most children these days spend time playing video games or watching cartoons. When Jerry burns Tom’s tail, the tail is charred and Tom screams but the very next minute, he is chasing Jerry with his all shiny and beautiful tail as ever. A child who sees this does not understand pain. Children easily get tagged as naughty, distractive, hyper, liar, brainless, shameless, attitude and what not. But do we try to understand the reason behind their behavior? Whom are they trying to imitate? From where are they observing these?

Our parents were not addicted to television, computer or mobile phones. We spent a good time with family, friends, and relatives. Our only distraction was physically going out on the streets and playing. Hence we developed better motor skills and other life skills without being explicitly taught. Can we empathize with the current generation and their lack of exposure to beautiful life? We embrace modern lifestyle in the name of comfort and then repent for our children’s behavior.

Something commonly heard of “I have given him all the luxury in life and buy all that he needs and more. All that we expect from him is to study well and he cannot do that. He is so lazy and irresponsible”. The child cannot study, only because of lack of purpose in studying as everything that he needs is already under his feet and a command away.


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38 responses to “The Observing Child

  1. Well written Nami!!! Short yet very effective and aptly touched the aspects it needed to..(the Tom n Jerry point is a fodder for thought) way to go girl !!!👍👍keep blogging n inspiring me 😉😉

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  2. Many Congratulations Namita on your 1st blog
    Amazing article and so true.
    Somewhere parents are responsible for creating rift between reality and imaginary world.
    Loved the way u have exemplified it with Tom and Jerry.
    Keep writing and all the very best

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  3. Congratulations on your first blog !! You know I have sat in many, many meetings especially on Report card day listening to the teachers complaining about each child, irrespective of their marks … they were all useless!! I used to feel bad but then I also realised that parents do the same, at least most parents – me included, we find it easy to list the negatives but not the positives. Let’s all praise more and highlight the GOOD things in our children.
    Thanks for writing about this Namitha, reminds me to be a positive parent and a better role model for my kids !

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  4. Hi Namitha! Congratulations on your first blog! Simply and extremely well expeessed…observant and fresh perceptive on the side effects of children watching cartons. Loved the way you put it across. Looking forward to more of your blogs Namitha.

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  5. Hi Namitha…Great read and so true.We are judging children after providing them the tools of self destructive behavior.More than children parents need to be made aware of the pitfalls of TV and we need to be there for our children.Original and thought provoking.keep it up.

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  6. Great to see your first blog, Namitha. Congrats. The world is changing too fast for our minds to cope. Parenting is a legacy… and not a learned skill. Unfortunately … it is akin to us being given a bullock cart in a world that is using helicopters and private jets. Our parenting skills need to be upgraded. … quickly. Your article is a good wake up call. Waiting to read more.

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  7. Namitha, a nicely observed and thought provoking article. I really the analogy of Tom’s burning tail and the understanding of pain by the observing child. Keep these original thoughts coming throughout this your blog! Good going.

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  8. Oh Nami !What a writing Man. Whatever I told is 100% true.v r so addicted to the gadgets and lot of other things.As u have told ,Yes children imitate their surroundings especially parents.Hats off to u dear.Keep writing.Nice article.

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  9. Welcome Namitha. I’m not a parent, but I get what you’re saying here. Children of today are really spoiled. They watch way too much tv. Because I live with my grandparents I’ve always had children around me. These days they also get cell phones and tablets with internet access. The internet can be a very dangerous place for a child. But parents allow this. I was never spoiled and that made me work hard for everything I have. In my country they made the maths pass mark 20%. Ridiculous I tell you. I feel sorry for the younger generation.

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    • Lorenza, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and being able to connect with my blog… 🙂 Like Ian mentioned in his comment above, parenting is a legacy more than learned skills.. If you feel this blog can help parents understand, please free to share with your near and dear ones.. 🙂


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