For The New Beginnings

Happy New Year 2017!!!!


So! Finally, we ended 2016 and put it in the bag of history. I understand that 2016 was not really a good year for many, as for me it was ok-ish.

However, when my phone was bombarded with various photo messages and GIF images of sparkling crackers and lights, I wondered why we celebrate a new year Jan 1st (apart from the religious reason) with so much of jubilation and pomp? Is 2017 going to be any different than 2016, 31st December or for that matter a few days/months before? I cannot really see any much changes at least in my life and all I know, no matter what life moves on, be it 2016, 17 or 18 etc. For new beginnings, we need not have to wait for a new day, new month or even new year. It just sounds like another resolution that we all know, we would never follow the minute we make it.

Perhaps, it is the promise of a new day, month or year is another opportunity to start a fresh, do it all again but in a different way, different methods and reach new goals, makes everyone to celebrate and welcome a new year. I hope that stands true to all of us.

Although, I began the very first hour of 2017, shouting on a kid who was our neighbor. Well, I could not help it when he kept shouting “happy new year” for the entire world to hear and burning crackers which disturbed the sleep of all of us at home(pet included). Do not get me wrong, am not so boring that I dislike partying and celebrating. Also, definitely not someone who wants to destroy a small child enthusiasm but seriously this kid kept on shouting endlessly at midnight.

I remember, someone telling me that a new year day should be started with a good laugh, love, smiling with much patience (which I lack) and with all the good things. I started 2017 with not so well, however, the day went on to be good. I hope the 365 ΒΌ days of 2017 will bring better things to me and to all of us.

So, here I am! Wishing you all for new beginnings, new opportunities, a chance to do it again and come out winning.

Cheers! To all of you and a β€œVery Happy New Year 2017″


25 responses to “For The New Beginnings

  1. I hope you find a source to draw some inspiration from when setting goals this years so you come out winning as well! We can decide on any given day if we want to rise with a purpose and do something meaningful with our day. A habit pattern of doing that, leads to a meaningful year, and so on to a meaningful life. Happy New Year! -SV


    • Truly said. Making it pattern of setting goals and reaching our dreams is the best way. I hope 2017 is that year. Thank you for stopping by my article SV. I wish you great year ahead.


    • Hi, Thank you for the follow. But we are really sorry that we do not understand your blog as it is in a different language. We like to connect with people through their writings. We like to follow those posts which we can read. Its not about just having more followers. Hope we did not disappoint you. Thank you for stopping by.


  2. I don’t get the idea of having a big party either. Jan 1 feels just like Dec 31 and I stopped making resolutions years ago. We can start a new path on any day that strikes our fancy. But, if others like to celebrate, who am I to say no?

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    • Exactly my thoughts Sharon and yes! We cannot stop those who want to celebrate. I only hope it is a new beginning for something good to everyone. Towards good health and peace. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Have a great year 2017.


  3. Agree Devon! There is something that makes us celebrate. I like to think if not for anything, we get to meet new people through our blog posts. πŸ™‚
    A very happy new year to you too. Am yet to check your blog. Will follow through. Thank you for stopping by and commenting.


  4. A Happy New Year to you! I think there is something psychologically soothing about the new year for us. It’s just a day, yes. But it’s the beginning of something. And when one thing as monumental as a year has ended, and another has begun, it makes us want to baptize ourselves in a way, and refocus.

    I’ve written a new year’s blog entry as well. I think it’s cathartic! Nice to meet you, Saroja!


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  5. Agree the way people celebrate, just shouting on roads taking bike ride making horrible noise, S not the way to celebrate. Don’t know when will people realize. Saru well written.😊

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  6. Yes you’re right Saroja. We shouldn’t wait for a new year. But I guess a new year is seen as a fresh start for most.

    Luckily I got used to the neighbours loud music over the holidays so I actually slept through it all. I heard some fireworks and a second later I was asleep again lol. I was really close to calling the police for noise disturbance on Xmas day because the music went on till 4am. Some people are just very inconsiderate. I hope they move this year.
    Happy new year πŸ™‚

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    • Renza, you have the benefits of age yet! As this year I realize am not getting any younger, am irked at the most siliest of things and feel people need to grow up LOL. But I always wonder how can people stay awake an entire night. 12 midnight is the maximum time I can stay awake, beyond that I may not remember the next day about what happened even if I was awake. Ha Ha. Thank you for commenting and sharing your thoughts.


  7. Saroja- I completely understand how you feel. Last night, after midnight we were bombarded with full fireworks for a 1/2 hour! Lovely. I am reserved about 2017. I will play it by ear. Happy New Year to you. I wish you the best!

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