The Festival of Lights is not Fun with Crackers Anymore

Please Say no to Crackers!!

Please Say no to Crackers!!

Diwali is an Indian festival celebrated all over the country with so much joy and pleasure. The festival originated since the time of Lord Rama. It is called as the festival of lights. It is definitely not called as the festival of noise and pollution. When Lord Rama returned from the forests along with his wife goddess Sita and brother Lakshmana after killing the demon Ravana, people of his dynasty celebrated by lighting oil lamps all over the place. But I am sure there was no crackers burnt and every domesticated animal also took part in the rejoice.

The question is why are we burning crackers now to celebrate Diwali? I see more air pollution on these three days of Diwali. The founder of crackers took permission to prepare the smaller explosives in the form of crackers to start a business and they needed a platform to introduce these crackers. Hence the festival of Diwali was linked to the burning of crackers. But in truth, there is no evidence that crackers were the way to celebrate Diwali. After all, it is known as the festival of lights for a reason.

The Nadar brothers introduced the crackers and Sivakasi is the hub of making and preparing the crackers. It also gave rise to many other social issues in the country such as child labor, disabilities that caused by various accidents, occupational deaths etc.

The basis of this article and the above introduction is, what I witnessed this year Diwali with my Bruno (our family Dog) was painful. All these years since childhood like all Indian children I have also grown burning crackers year after year. In fact, we even waited for the festival only for this purpose and we burnt them until exhaustion. But I didn’t know what it did… how much harm it caused.

The first day of Diwali this year just two days back, there was a little sound of crackers. Bruno ran around the house barking at the source of the sound and that’s that. So we all felt the situation was as expected and it’s in control. But the second day and third turned out to be a little extreme noise and that was mainly because the people staying right behind our house were burning the huge atom bombs which makes sounds as if truly there was a drop of a missile on our roof. So many times it scared us, human. How could this little dog understand what was happening? Bruno ran all around the house, being afraid of the sound , trying to find the source or the culprit who has come to harm us, and not able to understand what is wrong, he lied down next to me. But he kept doing this every time there were more cracker sounds. His heart was pounding too fast out of fear, he panted continuously and stayed close to us. All this exhausted him very much and he wanted to just go to sleep. But the burning of crackers did not stop until midnight. It was a total exhaustion for the entire family to see him so distressed.

My daughter, who is fond of crackers decided she will not burn crackers that made loud noises because she felt Bruno at least has us for comfort but what about the others which are on streets? Frankly, I was in awe of her thinking.

We decided to burn a few night crackers that made no sound. But once we started them, it created a hell lot of smoke descending into thick air and made black clouds. This year was an eye opener for us to ban crackers in our home. We made up our minds not to harm our nature by polluting and by harming sweet innocent animals.

My sincere request to everyone to stop crackers or at least take it to a place where you do not cause harm. Make your homes bright full with lights and lamps. Enjoy the festival with social gatherings that gives a good reason to build relationships.


9 responses to “The Festival of Lights is not Fun with Crackers Anymore

  1. Happy Diwali! What an informative post and I think it is a great decision that you ban crackers for the reason you said. However, it would be nice to at least experience it even once in your lifetime. 🙂

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    • Thank u for the wishes Katrinajeancarter. Maybe you are right. But what I feel is, we want to experience something in life is because it is available. If crackers is not available at all, I dont think there is any big loss, especially the one which makes only noise and smoke. After seeing videos of so many people died again in making of them in Sivakasi and foolishly people burning crackers in theatre hall just because their favourite star came on the screen, I strongly feel we do not need crackers. There are so many things in life which are fun yet we do not try them because it weighs heavy on the danger factor than fun. When we still choose to do them, should be on our own risk without causing trouble to people around us. Same way if people are a bit sensitive, may be choose a place to burn crackers in an open field, away from residential places. Some relief if we cannot avoid them completely.


  2. In our country we celebrate Guy fawkes on Nov 5th, but the children in the area and probably all over have started with the crackers weeks ago already. I always feel sorry for the dogs this time of year. Their hearing is so sensitive. Buffy is handling it well for now. Sorry about your Bruno. Hopefully it will be over soon.

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    • I hope Buffy takes it like a sport as the days comes close. This is the first Diwali for Bruno. Last year he was just a month or two old and he mostly slept. I hope he will get used to as I cannot stop people from their age old practice 😦 Today is the third day of Diwali. I hope it reduces from tomorrow.


  3. I know of a pet lab who they keep outside. She had vomitted and had loose motions. She has been sick. And I also know of people like sohini mitra and priyanka lahiri who opened their homes and sofas to street dogs in and around those apartments to comfort them. My fish is scared. My plants have curled up. Can we be a little more sensitive to birds,animals and plants. After all its festival time. I’m glad saroja! Already you write about it.

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  4. Well said Saru…

    This time my little boy also took a decision of not buying the crackers…
    One who loves the animal n nature will surely giveup. So sweet of Chetu to think in line to the requirement..

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