A Pre-school Teacher

It’s been a long time, I blogged. I apologize for that. My exams were up and lots of preparation went by.  After encountering a few issues with my little one at school, I am here today, to pen down my thoughts.

My two-year-old boy is still unable to speak well. Though he speaks a few words, it cannot be completely said that he talks well. We got him admitted into well established pre-school and hoped, he would pick up speech and communicate effectively after going to school. Our hopes failed. I believe for any student of any age, getting a good teacher who can bring the best in his/her student life is really important. We were not so lucky with my little one in finding a dutiful and inspiring teacher. Every child is different. Each child’s development or achieving the milestones cannot be compared with one another. If a teacher is well-trained, it becomes easy for him/her to understand the psychology of a toddler mind.

When compared to other children in the class, my son was different (according to the teacher). He would not sit in one place. He always keeps roaming in the class; he wants to explore the class all the while. These were the kind of complaints we got from the teacher. He never cries when we drop him at the school. I have seen several kids who still cry, after two months into school. We were initially happy about this behavior of our child. We were happy that he loves going to school. He never cried, unlike some other kids. This happiness did not last long.

His class teacher found it difficult to manage him. She started to make him sit alone on a bench throughout the class as a punishment for his behavior. Every day we would get complaints regarding his behavior in class. Of late, he does not want to go to school and cries each day.  We got worried. We were given a picture as if our child was not normal and was asked to go for a behavioral evaluation.

Likewise, we went for an evaluation to a well-known child psychologist. The doctor, after observing our child gave a report saying that he was perfectly normal. There is a slight delay in speech and nothing unusual was observed. The doctor also advised that our child is an active kid and we are blessed in having him.

Now, the question is why is the teacher always finding fault with my child? There may be several reasons for it.

  • The teacher is not well-trained.
  • The teacher may not be patient enough to control about 20 toddlers at once in a class.
  • The teacher may not like my child.
  • The teacher’s expectation from the child may not be met.

I am not entirely blaming the teacher for whatever turmoil we underwent. I would like to state that, if the teacher is able to understand a child and its behavior, without resorting to time outs and punishments, the child may open up to the teacher. Once the child is comfortable with the teacher, the relationship and bonding they share will be beneficial.

I am a teacher too. I feel teaching the pre-schooler is the most difficult task. I am comfortable in teaching the higher classes. I always take time to appreciate my pre-school teacher colleagues for their efforts in honing the skills of tiny tots.

The basic foundation of a child growth is very important and a teacher at that age plays a huge role. Teaching is a profession that requires a lot of patience. A teacher might be many things, a father or mother, a grandparent, etc but when they enter into their education institute they are just a teacher. It is a bigger responsibility to forget what you are outside the institute and become and do only that what you have come for.

This is my personal experience with my child and his teacher. Kindly share your experience or advice that would help me in managing my child and develop his relationship with school and teacher. Thanks for stopping by.


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