DIY ethnic ear ring tutorial – Quilling technique

In my post, Creativity Has no Boundaries, I promised you about the upload of the procedure for quilling technique. It was pending for a long time. Here it is in a step by step process.


  1. Quilling paper strips.


2. A pair of scissors (see pic 1)

3. Quilling needle


4. Glue( see pic 1)

5. A pair of pliers


6. Hooks and round pins.


7. Kundan stones for decoration.



  1. Paste around 6 strips of paper by alternating colors. If you choose red and orange strips, paste one orange after the red strip as shown in the picture.


2. Using a quilling needle, start rolling the strips by placing them in between the needle. Once the quilling is done, paste the edges using the glue.




  1. Now push the quilled strips to make domes, as shown in the picture.


  1. Glue the inner side of the dome. In this way, the dome will not separate and stays tight.


  1. Insert a head pin with a bead at the end, to keep it secure from the bottom of the dome, coming up as shown in the picture.


6. On the upper side of the pin, place some more color beads.


7. Cut the remaining piece of the pin, and bend it using a plier.


8. Place the hooks on top of the loop of the pin and close the loop.


  1. Paste stone kundans at the edges of the dome. Now the Jhumkas are ready. To give a shine and make it waterproof, we can use glue spread on top of the jhumkas.


I hope you will be trying these jhumkas soon and let me know how did it come out. Of course, you can always get in touch with me to know more about the art through the comments or by e-mail. The best part of these is we can make it any colour that suits our dresses and in no time.

Enjoy Quilling!!


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