A Loving Home to Stay for Your Pets While You are Away

pet guardian

Our pets are our world! I’m sure, most pet owners agree with this because our pets make us love them unconditionally with their pure heart. Over the years there is a significant rise in animal lovers and we find many young couples and youngsters wanting to own a pet.

In my previous post, we talked about why it is very much needed to own a dog. While all is well to bring home a cute puppy with those adorable eyes and wagging tail running around in circles around your legs, until there comes the moment when you have to step out of the door for hours to a place where dogs are not allowed and your pet need to stay back home. The guilt what we feel then is unbearable at times, and if you are someone like me, then you would have shed buckets of tears.

The only worry in having a pet animal with us is when we have to travel and cannot take our pets along, which is so unfair that most of us pet lovers agree in common. Most dogs stay at home without any supervision for a couple of hours, but leaving them alone overnight may not be possible without anyone to attend to them.

Every time when I stepped out of the door to go out my pet Bruno watches me from the little gap in the staircase railings, which have a straight view of the main door. It was heartbreaking for me to watch his sad eyes and leave him behind. I rushed to finish all my works as soon as possible just so I can be home sooner and not make my pet wait for too long. Because of this reason, I even cancelled on many outings and gatherings. Personally, I started missing that social and personal life, but I loved my Bruno more than what I was missing. I had no choice.

Are you leaving me alone?

Are you leaving me alone?

I decided to find a solution for this. Being a blogger, my first attempt was to Google for help. I browsed all over the internet to find someone who could take care of him while we are away. That is when I found this wonderful online community www.waggle.in that connects dog owners and pet care providers while we want to travel or when we are away. The website provides information for pet care in most of the major Indian cities.

I checked out a few people over the website and found a wonderful family who loved dogs. Basically, I believe that most hosts in this web site are the one who love dogs and hence the reason they do these services. I booked for an appointment with Mrs.Rashmi Jha as she stayed closer to my place.

After a couple of days, I got a response from her and we planned for a pre-visit. Our pet is seven months old pug and he still got confusions in his trainings. I was really worried as what if the host denies us. We had a tonsillectomy operation scheduled for my daughter in a few days and desperately wanted help. We met our host and she agreed to take care of our Bruno for three days. Trust me, our host Rashmi Jha, treated our pet like he is her own and gave him all the love and care which made him trust people easily as well. I could not thank her enough for making me feel so comfortable while I was busy with my daughter in the hospital. She sent me every detail through photos and videos. Not to mention his love to potty on her cushions and sofas, yet he made his way to sleep beside her with all the hugs and kisses.

It feels awesome to sit here!

It feels awesome to sit here!

Waggle.in helped me to meet a wonderful, loving and caring person and an amazing guardian for my pet and now am no more afraid to plan for any travel in the future.

Dear all pet owners, am not assuring you that everyone will be doing a good service here, which I trust based on my experience, but its worth a try to find someone and make our pets as comfortable and loved while we are vacationing too.

On an end note here is a personal message from Rashmi Jha “dear pet parents, we guardians for your pets are true dog lovers and believe in giving them all the love and care they need. You can trust me with your pet for the care he or she needs while you are away. Rest assured, your pet will have a loving home while he or she is away from its own home”.

I thank Waggle for their wonderful service and Rashmi Jha for simply being as wonderful and compassionate in person.


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