The Dangers Caused By Your Facebook Post


Lately, posting everything that happens in life to Facebook the number one socializing network has become a trend and people are more interested in their posts and the number of likes they get than actually enjoying their moment. I know, it is fun to share your good moment or the sad, but how far one should go and can it cause any trouble?

We already know the answer to the above question as there are plenty of news about how people are getting duped with the information found in the Facebook, yet there are many who still find themselves in a similar situation.

Below are some of the posting on Facebook that can actually land you in trouble by bringing cheaters, burglars, and all kinds of scary people to your doorstep.

1.Details of your travel before even you fly

Recently, a friend posted that he is flying to some place and at that moment he is in the airport with all the details of the place and tagging the airport. Another friend posted that she and her husband are in this big restaurant celebrating marriage anniversary, totally having fun for the night! Now, that is vital information about your whereabouts and if there is any stalker trying to know, you have handed the information which he or she most likely trying to find. Many are not careful to check if their posts are not public which could be viewed by anyone. Especially when you tag the place. Next time when someone searches the net for the place, your facebook post will be shown and thereby easy for strangers to get curious to visit your profile.

Seriously, if it is really that important to post these details why not at least post after you are back to your safe place or after your travel. Let’s say “Had an awesome party last evening for our anniversary” or our “Chicago visit last month”. Avoid giving current information either about you or your family member.

2.Phone Numbers and Address

Personal details such as phone numbers and address are information that gives details of your location. It is easy to search through the internet and know everything about you once they know any one of these details. Facebook has an option where you can lock these details and if anyone wants to know, they are supposed to ask it from you. Better yet, do not provide any details over the internet unless it is really necessary.

3.Posting your kids photos

Every parent likes to share to the world about their kid when there is a proud moment or simply when they like to share the changes in the kids life. But, beware! The world is full of pedophiles. That one friend request you accepted last, who was a friend of a friend, could be a stalker too. We might have dangerous people in our own list even when we make our post friends only. Hence do not post your children pictures very often and every other detail of them. We know you got a cute kid and let him or her enjoy life without the intervention of strangers.

4.Accepting strangers friend request

accepting friend request

Again, it’s a trend to have more people on your friend list. People want to build the number in their friend list, although many of them might be strangers. How many of them are actually friends, no one cares. A person is considered cool when his friend list has more than 2000 friends. Frankly, when you need help and ask, not one will be ready to come forward, or it might be only a handful of people. Accepting a friend request from a stranger can be very dangerous as he or she might belong to any dangerous exploiting groups who can bring harm to you. Being in your friend list gives him or her access to all your posts and information. Having a handful of well-known friends and family members in your list is enough than having thousands of strangers.

5. Information through games, scams and other third parties stuff


Facebook has a lot of scams that can pass malware through its advertisement and can corrupt your system. Likely scammers get hold of your personal details like password and send messages in your place and get details from others of your friend list. When you log into the games and quizzes and other pages on Facebook, you will be giving permission for a third party to use your profile information which can be dangerous if found in the hands of scammers.

It is not only Facebook, but any socializing network can be dangerous if you share too much information because one cannot be too careful at all times and we never know how our information can be stolen from our own hands. Keep the internet socializing light and do not give out personal details.


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  1. Really true. Nice article to get to know the details n very important information where we don’t pay attention in our busy day today life

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