5 Reasons Why You Should Own a Dog

We are a nuclear family and my daughter is the only child we have. She being the only child, I need not have to explain her ways of pestering for a sibling or for a pet. Finally, we gave in for a pet, although I and my husband were totally against having any pets at home. It was the previous year 2015 when we bought a cute Pug puppy as a gift for my daughter’s 10th year birthday.

We named him Bruno. Well! As far as a name goes, he got plenty of names now, and every single name makes him. Initially, when he came to us, he was just 38 days old baby and he became one of us very soon. We never knew owning a dog can be this wonderful. They are such innocent animals, who might not talk or demand anything. Although if you ask a pet owner, they will definitely agree with me that after staying together over a certain period of time, we pet owners, actually start understanding our pet language and needless to say they understand us better.


Hey All, I’ am Bruno!

So, if someone asks me should they own a pet, I will say definitely Yes! Provided, there are proper resources and people to take care of your pet. Here are five reasons as why you should own a dog in case if you ever find yourself in confusion.

1.Dogs Help to Improve Your Mood

Dogs make us feel better with just their presence. At times when we are in a bad mood, all we need is someone beside us and a shoulder to lean on. Not, someone who tells us where we are wrong or what we need to do. Dogs are excellent companions to give you that attention when you are in a terrible mood and make you feel better within no time dragging you down to play. What can we say, they are cute in their own smart way!

2.Improves Your Wellness and Fitness

Am waiting buddy! Let's go out for a walk.

I’ am waiting buddy! Let’s go out for a walk.

Dogs are the most active animals and if you want them to be happy, they need their regular exercise and timely walks and also playtime. Taking your pet for daily walks and spending some time with them to make them play not only keeps them fit but also makes you healthy. Trust me, playing with your pet also puts your entire family in a good mood. Being happy and cheerful improves health and keeps us fit.

3. They are the best watchdogs

Paying that hefty salary to a watchman, who sits in a corner and dozes off is totally a waste of money when you can own a well-trained watch dog. Some of the breeds are trained to watch and be alert and take action and these dogs are the best, which stays on guard every second when it’s on duty. All you need to pay them is good food and some love and appropriate exercise with training. Not too much to ask when they can guard us 24/7 isn’t it?

4.Improves Social Interactions

Since I have Bruno with us, I have found myself in some of the various socializing pet groups sharing about him and I really have no idea how I landed there. But through this social interaction of similar feelings of having a pet and knowing how it makes me feel, I have made a couple of good friends too. It’s not only we, who need social interaction, but dogs need them too. In an effort, when you own dogs, you meet new pet owners to make your pet meet other pups and animals. Thereby, increasing your social circle.

5.No more boring days

Hiding under the cot

Hiding under the cot

I know, having a pet can be challenging sometimes. The endless cleaning, the endless chasing while they run with the things in their mouth, which they are not suppose to get a hold in the first place, the time spent for grooming while some of them hate it. Especially my Bruno, when I want to clean the folds of his nose and cheek, as he being a pug, it needs to be done every day and he extremely hates it, pushing my hands away and hiding wherever possible. So in a way, dogs keep you busy and makes your day more entertaining and there is never a boring time.

There are many other reasons and am sure you will know them when you finally bring home that cute little one asking you to give him or her a home. They are a bundle of joy!!

If you already own a pet dog, or have any experience or like to share anything regarding pets share your thoughts in comments.


7 responses to “5 Reasons Why You Should Own a Dog

    • Hi Mike,
      I have heard Chihuahua are also very cute and naughtiest one’s. I bet it is your sister who would love him more. Atleast in my case, I have fallen in love with our Bruno too fast. Thank you for liking the post and keep visiting.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. very nice saroja,

    yes any pet animals are adorable. and they are like our siblings.
    I miss my tonny, mammana, and kenchi so much.

    we also had pet dogs from m child after landing in Bangalore we never had a chance too have one. The dog called mammanna used to take me to school, wait till I come out from the school and takes me back to home. tonny was also used to do the same. along wwith he wants to hug us. love us so much.

    Kenchi was my fathers girl friend.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Only pet owners can understand the feeling of another pet owner just like you did. You should get another pet. It’s so nice your dog accompanied you to the school dear.


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