Our Life, Our Environment

A little girl wrote a letter to the Sun.

Dear Sun,

It is very hot on Earth. Could you please reduce the heat here?


With love,

Your friend.


To this the Sun replied


Dear friend,

I have been giving out the same heat for a long time. Please make sure you do not cut trees on Earth. Plant more trees if you want shade and want to be cool. I am helpless my dear friend.


With Love,



It is summer here in Hyderabad. Each summer we get to read the news that we have reached the maximum temperature not recorded in the history of this place in many years. This is the same story each year. Today morning I read in the newspaper that some 3100 trees will be cut to make way for a road in the heart of the city. We hardly have any greenery inside the city and the only one that was existing will now be reduced to dust. It feels disgusting to read such articles in newspapers. If this keeps going on we shall in near future see trees and plant in museums. Why don’t we learn from the mistakes we do? Why do we repeat the same mistakes that we had committed earlier? When will there be learning about the environment? Already many countries have realized the importance of saving the environment. Many have started to use the available renewable energy. We too have to start looking at this perspective.

Whenever it is summer we are constantly feared that we may not get water. Each year we read news about the level of the ground water reduced.  Nothing much is being done to save water. Rivers are drying, lakes are dying. Imagine the plight of animals living out in this scorching sun. I sometimes wonder why people are so selfish.  They are always thinking about themselves and not others. It is everybody’s duty to save the environment so that little girls and boys of today will have a good future to live on this earth.




5 responses to “Our Life, Our Environment

  1. Yes absolutely, I agree with you Saroja, though it is late, we still can work on improving the lives of future generations, by controlling the damage to environment.


  2. Hi You are right shalini,

    As human started eating the mother earth. never stopped digging, never stopped cutting. No body would like to use renewable energy available. They can try to waste water to clean cars, their balconies and their backyard, they are not bother to drain those water to any of the street trees or plants planted.
    We are responsible for this unbearable heat. and we are responsible for gifting such bad environment to our kids and future generations.

    we should start practicing and spreading those.

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  3. Yes it is individual duty to initiate from their end to atleast to plant and start watering to it regularly. They should make sure that atleast 3-5 of other should continue to do same… And the chain should go on..

    By this way we can have little better environment for future generations

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