Self Motivation is the Key Strength for Women

As humans, we all need motivation to keep going on in life and do the things we are good at and we are supposed to do. But life throws us so many obstacles that there are times that we stumble along the way and sometimes can be demotivated to continue our routines, work, etc.

As aptly put by my dear friend Shalini in her previous post that little things matter in our kids life, little things matter everywhere and for everyone. (Before I go ahead with my article I like to mention that am really happy that Shalini’s Baby kicked the butt of the illness which put him in hospital for a few days and now he is healthy and cheerful). These are some of the situations that can demotivate a woman especially a mother to do things as best as she can.

It’s a blessing when we have people around us to motivate us like parents, siblings, friends, etc. But nothing can beat the skill of self-motivating. You might ask why should we? When we have a whole bunch of people around us to do that. Trust me, expecting anything from the other person when you can do it yourself is dependency and self-motivating gives you the strength, power and the feeling of being independent.

So how to motivate yourself and jump right back into your work and speed up? Here are a few pointers to help you to begin with.

1.Positive thinking or attitude

When we are demotivated, negativity creeps in and we automatically assume things with a negative approach. Stop your mind with any kind of negative thoughts and push the positive thoughts inside. Believe always that there is a way for everything and a solution for every problem. So, what may, think positive and be optimistic.

2.Knowledge is Power

Well, you lost the dance competition in the city hall for women special day? Never mind, do not get demotivated with just one occasion. Learning things and knowing about our surroundings and various things around us are one of the ways to keep us motivated. The next time you participate a dance competition after you had learned the art, will definitely bring you the joy of performing well than in the previous performance. Learn every day, know things better.

3.Set goals to follow your dreams

We all have a dream, to become ‘that’ or to be ‘this’. But, if you want the dream to become a reality, we need to set goals to achieve it. There is no point in just wishing for things and feel sad that you are incapable to reach them. When we want something in life, we need to work hard to get it.

4.Do what you like

A lot of us end up in studying what our parents wanted and do the jobs that are less interesting to us. It is you, who drive your life sailboat, and only you can decide what you want in your life, which keeps you happy. Doing things which you are not interested is a strong tool to demotivate. So figure out what you want, and go have them.

5.Reward yourself

Did a good job? Give a pat yourself and appreciate all your efforts. Recognize your own strengths, for others to notice it. Once in a while treat yourself for your good efforts and enjoy the bliss of having a good life. Believe when we place all our problems on a single plate and observe, ours will be least compared to all others in the plate. So enjoy life and reward yourself for the good deeds.

There are many other different ways to motivate self and each individual may have different methods. Find that inner you and rock the world.


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