Little things does matter

I was very confident, I would be able to manage my second child with ease. Believe me, it is not the same as it is with the first child. Each child is different in their own way. I realized this recently. My little one was in a hospital for a week. Doctors were unable to figure out the reason for his high fever followed by chills. It was nightmare for the both of us. For three days, various tests were done to find out the reason. The fever would not subside, in spite of tepid sponging and oral paracetamol. My husband and I had a tough time managing both kids. The elder ones’ final exams were going on and we had to stay in hospital for the sake of the little one. As they say, “There is light at the end of tunnel”…a doctor on rounds visited us one afternoon. He observed the our son was snoring. I had initially ignored as he had little cold and cough. I believed it is natural for kids to snore. He told us to get an x-ray done, as he thinks there must be an obstruction for air passage in nasal cavity. As told by him, we got an x-ray done, and to our shock, the doctor told us that his adenoids had inflammation. He immediately called for an ENT specialist. Once an ENT visited us, she examined the child and told us that his tonsils had infection and he also has adenoid inflammation.

I had ignored one major activity of my child. He would not eat anything or rather like to eat anything in the past few weeks. I somehow managed to feed him though he was reluctant to eat. It never seemed to me that he must be having any difficulty in chewing or swallowing the food. It had never happened this way with my elder one. I always take her as an example and unable to figure out the problem with my little one.

Thus, little things do matter in parenting. Everything comes by experience. I am just sharing my experience. It keeps reminding me not to ignore slight changes in the daily routine of our kids.


2 responses to “Little things does matter

  1. Shalini, I understand ur situation and the little One. I. Worse time ours we become blank and mind doesn’t even think some common senses too. I happens when we are worried about our loved ones. You a’re a very strong mother to manage both situation. Hats of to you. Don’t worry our kids will be blessed with good health..god bless all h healthy, peaceful, successful n long life

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    • Thank you Kavitha. Thank you for your kind words. Indeed it was a tough time. Thanks for your blessings and good wishes. God bless you.


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