Every day is a learning

As a parent, everyday is a learning. I am a mother of two. Raising my first kid was easy. I had lot of help at that time, however, when it was turn of the second one, I was alone. It is just me and my husband. The only advantage we had as parents was, we were not as panicky as we were towards our first born. A small sneeze and a cough, we would rush to the doctor. Now, with the second one we are assured that it is “just a sneeze and a cough”. Each day I figure out new things about this little one. I am glad the elder one is able to help me out now. We both share the diaper changes, and taking the little one out for a stroll. Believe me it is an absolute stress buster to be with small kids. You may not have smiled the entire day, the time spent at your work or else where. The moment we look at the kids’ face, a smile is seen on your face. That is the best part of being parents. I am glad and proud to be a mom of two. Being a mother requires lot of patience, perseverance and a little bit of sacrifice, here and there. Every thing pays off once the kids are raised and we can age gracefully.


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