Creativity has no boundaries

The more you think, the more you imagine, the more you become creative. I was not a very creative person, I was good in drawing and that too my Zoology diagrams. I never tried to explore new things, until I chanced upon one technique.

This is the quilling technique of making jewellery. Initially, the thought of using a paper as a piece of jewellery did not go well with me. I thought it is not something that would interest me. I was wrong. I learnt it from a cousin of mine and now I make them as a hobby. I love to make these small piece of jewellery and my little daughter likes it a lot.

Quilling is a method of rolling a small strip of paper using a special needle and making rolls of it. From this many new designs can be made which are widely used for making decorative items. One such method is jewellery making. I would like to share few of my ear rings that I made using quilling technique.

A Pink Jhumka.

A Pink Jhumka.

A Maroon Jhumka

A Maroon Jhumka

I will share the method of making these jhumkas or ear rings in the following post.

Please comment and share your opinion. Thank you.


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